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February 2018
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speed painting

January for January! [Speed Drawing Video]


Every month this year I’m going to do a calendar picture for the month featuring one of my cats from Lucy’s Tail in full body form! Originally the story was something I wrote a long time ago and each cat represented a month and/or the Holiday in that month (which is why the town they live in is called Holiday and there’s only twelve of them lol). So they’re all ordered up and ready to be put into a calendar! I’m always reminded of this idea when the new year comes around and then I overwhelm myself trying to draw twelve pictures and then I get frustrated because they don’t come out right. So, following my new years resolution, I’m gonna take things one step at a time and have this ready to be a calendar next year. :D Look forward to it! These will be the only non-chibi pictures of them so you’ll get to see what the age differences are like a bit better!

Anyway I had a lot of fun with this! Even though it was originally supposed to be in the snow, somehow I ended up with flower petals and it just looks more spring-ish than winter-ish but OH WELL. I’m happy with it so whatever! AANNNNDDD, for your viewing pleasure, here is the speed drawing video for it! :DDDDDDD

Speed Paints and Other Progress

Kid Maija



Finished a two part speed painting last night. The editing is super lazy because I’m just perpetually too tired to GAF. Anyway the links are above so check them out and it’s also up on DA if you wanna fav.

As for updates I realize I’ve been dead here for a while and I do have the rest of Lucy’s Tail Chp 1 sketched out and am trying to find some time to complete it. I’ll be taking a break from Lucy after the chapter’s done so I can work on My Ghost & My Monster which is actually getting a better reception considering there’s only like 6 pages out. :) I’ll try to get those pages out soon.

I’v been working tirelessly on Song Bird and the page is still the same but I’ll be updating it soon with new pictures and new profiles since a lot has changed! There’s a lot that goes into writing  book that I can’t actually post so I’m afraid for all the time I’ve spent on it I don’t have much to show until it’s published, but hopefully I’ll be posting new songs soon and some character art for my next book as well!! Yay!! Progress!

As always, thanks for the patience and support. <333

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