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February 2018
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Kleronmos, New Realeases, and a Hiatus

This will be a purely informative post. So! First thing’s first. I’m sorry to say that I’ll be going on a little hiatus from both Lucy’s Tail and My Ghost & My Monster. I’m only annoyed about this because I just got off of a short hiatus from G&M, but I’m really passionate about this story and I’d rather it be the way I want it instead of rushed because I have too much stuff to do. That being said, since this is to give me a breather, I don’t have a date the hiatus will be over. But I promise it won’t be more than a few months and I will definitely come back before the year is over.

Now for other projects I promised this summer.


The last time I posted about Kleronomos, I said that it would be released this summer. Well, a lot had happened since then and I’ve changed my mind about how I want to go about this story. However, it IS finished and I DID make a promise so I WILL be putting it up piece by piece for you guys to read. Starting July 23rd I’ll be posting it to read for free here on my website, on Fiction Press, and on Wattpad. I want people to read it and since I’ll be writing more of these books I figure I’ll simply publish it along with the sequel which will not be free.  In the meantime…


Energy! 24/6, Book 2 was scheduled to start soon, but seeing as though I’ll be serializing Kleronomos instead, that will have to be postponed a little longer. This might be disappointing to those of you who have been following, but I don’t plan on serializing “Love, Karin” until January of 2017. Sorry, guys, but I have too much going on right now to write it. But I do have it planned out and I promise it’ll be interesting when it does come out! :)

Last of all, but certainly not least!

SongBird Logo

It’s back! For now, I don’t have any new images, but I’m happy to let you all know that SongBird will be published in print! I will be releasing more info as the publishing process progresses, but for now this is all I have. So because of this new development and because I have a new job and new studies to focus on, I won’t have time to post as much as I used to. Sad as that makes me, I am really excited about the direction my life is heading right now so hopefully I’ll be able to share more projects soon! As usual, thanks for sticking with me. :D I love you guys.

SongBird! Illustrations and Publishing

So as I’ve said before, Songbird is finished! YAY! I’m still doing some last minute editing and finishing the illustrations but they’ll go by quick now that I have a method. >:D I’ve decided to redo the ones that I had finished because, after a TON of experimenting, I found a style that I’m satisfied with.

Originally I wanted an art style that was a bit more “cartoony” than this, but some of them came out so well that I can’t bring myself to change it back. :/ So hopefully everyone likes this better. Maybe I’ll end up redoing them one day, but for now I’m happy with this. :)


As for publishing, I’ve already started working on that, but I don’t want to jinx anything so I’ll keep quiet until I have real news. Though I am still debating on entering SongBird in a contest so if anyone has any opinions about that I’d love to hear them.

As always, thanks for the support! :D

Making Progress!

I’m a million years late posting this, but over the summer I taught an anime class for Young Rembrandts and I had some really awesome students! At the end of the session I was gifted with this super amazing Asuna pic from a really cool kid with a ton of potential. :) I’m really excited that these kids really want to improve and put themselves out there and learn! I’m not allowed to post names but she knows who she is and she should know she’s already way better than I was at her age. As you can see I’ve hung it on my wall. xP  Thank you so much for the pic!! As you know, I LOVE SAO. <333 So keep up the amazing work and draw, draw, draw!!




In other news I’ve reached a milestone!! I’ve finished the entire first draft of my novel, SongBird and it is currently being proofed! Still working on illustrations, but they’re going by pretty quickly and my real dilemma now is whether I should send it to a publisher or enter it into a contest! Dx Idk right now, but I’m already super consumed by another project!! Anyway, since I’m done with the writing for the most part I’ll try to post more pictures soon. :) As always, thanks for the support! <3333 Some of you guys have given me really helpful feedback so I’ll be sure to give you a shout out in my dedication page.


What do you guys think of these?

I’m almost done with all the illustrations for Part One of SongBird and I’d like some second opinions! :3 Here are a few so let me know what you guys think of the style. I used crosshatching and screentones and I’m still on the fence about the combination. I’m thinking of taking out the crosshatching and just cell shading everything.

The Holder of Secrets: Character Concept Batch One

Butterfly Character Batch 1


Alright! I’m using Celtic symbolism for my second book so FUN FACT TIME!!! In celtic culture the symbolism is as follows:

Swan: Vanity, Grace, & Beauty

Willow Tree: Inspired Imagination

Fox: Passion, Fun, Ambition, & Drive

Quail: Caution & Awareness

Along with these characters I’ll have a deer, owl, Salmon, Wren, Crow, and then of course the two main characters are a Dragon and a Butterfly. And unlike SongBird there will be romance in this one! I’m working up to my master plan of writing the greatest romance novel EVAR!! More soon!! Maybe some animations! I did this for practice, but it needs like four more frames to be complete. I’m too lazy to do that right now. xD This is Nova, the main character and narrator of The Holder of Secrets. I’ll be posting picks of her and Aisling sometime after I establish an actual update schedule which I’ll post in the sidebar.


I have been drawing for SongBird too though! I’m totally not jumping the gun with this new story. I’ll be posting new profiles for them and uploading new character art so that means I’ll be deleting the old ones since the new ones will be a bit different. As stories do, this one has evolved, so info will change. I’ll also be posting new songs so look out for that. :)




Books, Books, Books!!

With all I’ve been doing this year it’s kind of annoying to me that I’ve made so little updates! I hope you guys know I’ve been working super hard on a lot of projects. Though my main focus has been been SongBird which is going extremely well, I’ve also been working a lot on another book. It’s still in it’s infancy stages, but the working title for my second book will be The Holder of Secrets. I’ll be posting character designs and stuff for it in the future so look out for that! ;)

While I have been completely preoccupied with work and writing I’ve been super neglectful of my art. I’ve barely been drawing at all and I haven’t updated any comics. *sigh* I only have so much time. Unfortunately since SongBird is my priority right now this will probably continue. HOWEVER I am going to try to post sketches and writing prompts at least weekly. I said TRY so… yeah, I’m not making any promises. lol

I’m also super excited about a project I’ve been working on with the amazing artist, Salison, about a time traveling team in training called Minute Trippers! I normally stay away from time travel (or scifi in general when writing) so this was fun to explore! That SAL doesn’t quit! I would’ve dropped this concept as soon as we started getting into multi-verse theory if it wasn’t for her. xDDD

I’ll post the sketches later but here’s the collab we did!! This pic was sketched by SAL and lined and colored by me!! You can click here to see her sketches. She did an AMAZAH coloring job with my sketch, but I won’t post it since I know she wanted to fix some things. So you better post it soon so I can drool over it instead of those dessert drawings, SAL!! >:D

Left: Henrik Wolff (Sal’s character)  Right: Carlin McDowd (You can always tell mine because I love sourpuss characters. lol)


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