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February 2018
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Louhi Bookmark Finally Done!

This took me forever. I feel like lately I’m psyching myself out of finishing art lately. Getting back into this is more difficult than I thought, but hopefully I can keep posting at least once a week. As always, thanks for the support! Also, I’ll be starting some new projects soon so keep an eye out!

Louhi Bookmark WIP

Hallo, meine laternen! I underestimated my productivity level when it comes to art. Mostly because I still have commissions and some collaborative projects to complete. I’m trying to balance that out, although I have been admittedly lazy. I’m sure you don’t need to hear my list of excuses (of which I have many) so here is a WIP of my next bookmark for Song Bird! I’m working toward a new laptop so I’ll be working a lot and you might be seeing more sketches like this instead of finished products, however I like this look and I think it makes for a fun comparison when I finish the color. I plan on making it pretty dynamic so I hope you like it.

Here’s A Bookmark From Under The Sea!

Here’s another bookmark to go with your copy of SongBird by Dighm Liting! I’ll be printing a bunch of these soon once I’m done with some more designs so look out for them! This one is the mermaids who have some of my favorite designs and I’ll be putting out some sketches soon as well.

Meanwhile, you can purchase the novel here:

Kasvi and the twins would like to Read with You!

Huomenta, minun lyhdyt! Here’s another bookmark. This time it’s Kasvi and the twins. I especially like this one because there are no humans in it and it’s got nice composition. I hope you like it, too!
You can pair this lovely fellow with Song Bird by Dighm Liting on paperback, Available at the following channels.

SongBird on Paperback!

Hello, my little lanterns! I am back! I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve updated. I’m pretty disappointed in myself, especially since I was so consistent about updating at the beginning of last year, but life happens and it happened pretty hard to me over the holidays. 

Regardless, I’m back and plan to update consistently once again. Starting today, I will be posting every Tuesday and Friday at 6:00 AM (PST).

So on to my topic of the day, Song Bird is officially on paperback and it’s available just about everywhere you can buy books! Here’s a pic of my copies and a synopsis.

Greta believes in magic. Her brother Hanno, does not. The forest is ready to prove him wrong.

After moving to a new town on the edge of a great woods to live with their uncle, a brother and sister find themselves immersed in folklore and whispers of magic. Their uncle insists that the forest is rife with magic, and although Greta is enchanted with the legends of witchcraft, Hanno refuses to believe the stories.

But when Hanno taunts the magic of the forest, the forest witch responds by turning them to songbirds. The witch gives them an ultimatum: complete her perilous trial and prove themselves to the forest, and she may return them to the world they know… But fail to succeed, and they will never leave the forest alive.

The classic story of Hansel and Gretel returns to life in a new fantastical fairytale steeped in dark magic and Finnish folklore. Hear the songs, heed the warnings, and take care entering the forest – you may never leave it.

Ansa’s Bow


Ansa’s straightforwardness tends to rub people the wrong way but she’s a good ally to have when you’re in a pinch. She’s a crack shot and seems to know a ton of necessary information that no one else does. Despite her strong, sturdy air, she can be as elegant and beautiful as her gold laced bow and quiver.


Ansa’s Profile will be posted on 2.26.16

More about Song Bird

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The Quirky Archer


Age:   ??              Species:   ??

Likes:  Being helpful, Having a good time, Whistling, Archery

Dislikes:  Arguments, Unproductive people, Wasting time, Stupidity

Ansa is truly the Golden Girl in many different ways. Though she comes off as playful and carefree, she’s pretty no nonsense. She doesn’t like misunderstandings or pointless arguments and isn’t afraid of putting herself in the line of fire if it means solving them. That’s not to say she’s argumentative. Ansa has no problem backing out of a fight if she feels her interjection would be pointless.

Ansa is sturdy and reliable and an excellent shot. She knows a lot about Tuonela and her knowledge proved useful quite often, though no one would really like to admit it. Her straightforward and fearless attitude tends to irritate most people and her strength as a woman tends to intimidate the boys. Not that she’s concerned with any of that. Ansa’s too busy searching for something important, although it’s not entirely clear what that thing is.


Click here to read more about SongBird

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Greta’s Magic Pen


Greta finds this curious object in the midst of a bad decision but it may just help her preform one of her most virtuous actions. Magic is easiest when channeled through an instrument, they say. Laced with runes, this pen is designed to turn one object into another.


Greta’s Profile

More about Song Bird

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Captain Hilja’s Swords

Hilja is the captain of the she-pirates and a dangerous person to make an enemy out of. She wields an elegant black and gold long sword called The Black Mamba and a separating serpent-like red blade called Crotalus Ruber. (Neither names are mentioned in the book so this is more of a fun fact! :D)  Obviously Crotalus Ruber is the one on top and The Black Mamba’s on the bottom. Hilja is a single sword user so she never wields them together. The Black Mamba is for close combat and Crotalus Ruber is for long range.

I’m pretty sure they’re not the swords on her profile only because I designed them after I drew her so pay no mind to that. Another fun fact: The Black Mamba is the name of one of the the most venomous and silent killing snakes in the world while Crotalus Ruber is the name for the red rattlesnake. I chose these names for the colors of the blades, but also the amount of noise and grace they produce in battle.

Hilja’s Profile

More about Song Bird

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Hanno’s Bow


The process for acquiring this weapon turns out to be longer and more excruciating than Hanno would’ve preferred. It’s a short bow made for speed and hunting that doesn’t require as much strength as others making it excellent for beginners. The thin layer of jewel-like stone that’s encrusted into both bow and quiver is purely ornamental, but something about it’s blue glow feels very magical to Hanno. Perhaps that’s because it reminds him of his sister.


Hanno’s Profile

More about Song Bird

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