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February 2018
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Louhi Bookmark WIP

Hallo, meine laternen! I underestimated my productivity level when it comes to art. Mostly because I still have commissions and some collaborative projects to complete. I’m trying to balance that out, although I have been admittedly lazy. I’m sure you don’t need to hear my list of excuses (of which I have many) so here is a WIP of my next bookmark for Song Bird! I’m working toward a new laptop so I’ll be working a lot and you might be seeing more sketches like this instead of finished products, however I like this look and I think it makes for a fun comparison when I finish the color. I plan on making it pretty dynamic so I hope you like it.

Commission WIP


I’m been a lot better about activity lately, but I’d like to post more content just the same. That means more sketch posts and WIPS!! This is my latest commission for TheGum25 [DeviantART] [Records of Chaos] of his awesome character Cara. This is subject to change a little in design as it’s an unapproved sketch, but I liked it a lot so I’m posting it for art’s sake! ^^ This is also a good example of how I do my half body commissions in which I more often than not put way more than half of the body! xDDD So for now, I’ll be using it as an example on my commission page which you can get to by clicking here or click on it in the navigation. Check it out for samples and prices and fill out the form if you want to commission me! <333

Addict with a Pen

Addict with a Pen

I try desperately to run through the sand
As I hold the water
In the palm of my hand
Cause it’s all that I have
It’s all that I need and
The waves of the water
Mean nothing to me
But I try my best
And all that I can to
Hold tightly onto
What’s left in my hand
But no matter how
How tightly I will strain
The sand will slow me down
And the water will drain

-Twenty | One | Pilots

Again I was inspired by my favorite band and drew this in my sketch book on the flight back from Texas. The lady next to me was underlining nearly every sentence in the book she was reading, tapping my lightly and consistently with her elbow at the end of each line. It was annoying but I held my tongue and continued to draw until I was finished and she had the nerve to get me attention with a nudge and tell me it was good. What is wrong with people? Or a better question would be what the hell was she underlining every sentence for?

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