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February 2018
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The Sea King



Age:   ???              Species:   Mermaid

The King of the Sea has had many forms but the woman who site on the throne now is tolerant of little. She doesn’t smile, but her people speak of her kindness often. It is said that the Sea King can see through the eyes of any creature that dwells under the water and that her magic can lift the entire ocean.

Ahti is not the first Sea King, but she has watched over the waters of Tuonela for many years. She doesn’t seem to care much about what happens on the surface, but from what we can gather, she’s quite fond of Louhi. She is the purest of the sea people and it is impossible to look her in the eye and tell a lie.


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Speak no Evil


Age:   28              Species:   ???

Likes:   The simple moments, Friends, Being useful to Hilja

Dislikes:   Eating, Sleeping, Fighting


Esa is calm, cool, and collected. She’s sturdy and gives off a strong atmosphere and though it seems like she could be the captain if she wanted, she is loyal to a fault to Hilja.

Esa is tall and mute, but even without speaking it’s clear that she’s the most sensible of her crew. She’s not looking for a fight and even though she towers over most, Esa has a way of making you feel comfortable and welcome.

It’s Esa that makes Greta feel at ease around the pirates, but despite her kind influence, she may also be the reason behind our protagonist making some bad decisions.

Though Esa doesn’t particularly want to fight, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t give it her all on the battle field. She’s an expert knife thrower and is surprisingly quick for her size.



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See no Evil


Age:   16              Species:   ???

Likes:   Fighting, Thrill, Freedom, Naps

Dislikes:   Anything that’s not fun, Being bored, Being told what to do by anyone but Hilja

Sade knows she’s not a leader and is willing to devote herself to her captain, but ultimately the most important thing to her is freedom. She’s young and thin, but what she lacks in body mass she makes up for in bloodlust.

She doesn’t waste time with trivial things like goals. She just goes with the flow and fights when she can. Though this part of her makes her pretty scary, she’s always down to have fun and is surprisingly thoughtful and reliable to those she cares for.

Like Hilja and Esa, Sade has fallen pray to a curse, taking away her sight. Also like them, it doesn’t seems to inhibit her, though every now and then she seems to be going in the wrong direction.



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The Lost Swordsman


Age:   17              Species:   Human

Likes:   Swords, Power, Trust, Agreeable people

Dislikes:   Cheap losses/victories, Prideful people, Feeling guilty, Losing things

Unlike everyone else Hanno has encountered, Paavali doesn’t seem to have any knowledge of magic. In fact, aside from his strangely colored hair, he seems to be entirely human. Because of this he’s underestimated, but that’s a mistake. Paavali is a skilled swordsman who knows the importance of teamwork. Perhaps Hanno could learn a thing or two from him.

He’s generally good-natured with a strong sense of honor, but Paavali doesn’t like putting up with irritating or disagreeable people. He likes things to be simple and stressful situations make him annoyed. Though he can be playful, he finds himself in the position to be serious more often than not.

Paavali doesn’t remember much about how he got where he is, but he knows that he’s chasing someone or something. He seems to be satisfied with the idea that he’ll know what it it when he finds it, but something about Hanno makes him think about whether or not that’s really okay.



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The Strict Older Brother


Age:   15              Species:   Human

Likes:   Knowledge, Power, Inventing, Experimenting

Dislikes:   Being looked down on, Childish things, Disorder


The protagonist of the novel SongBird, Hanno spends his days trying to impress his very critical father and trying to motivate his very lazy twin sister, Greta. Hanno is a pale, freckled teenager who prizes strength of mind over strength of body which puts him at a disadvantage when he becomes trapped in a magical world that required him to go through great lengths in order to achieve his goals. He wears a seemingly permanent scowl and, according to his sister, has a storm behind his eyes at all times. He’s incredibly ambitious and proud and, though he strives to be a great man, can be rude, controlling, and standoffish. He tends to irritate most people, but Greta knows he means well.

As the story progresses, Hanno travels through the strange world of Tuonela guided by a mysterious shape shifting cat named Charon who calls himself a ferryman. He must learn to accept himself and others as they are and to let go of his outrageous pride. On his way he meets a number of people including a cursed swordsman, a band of gypsies, and an annoyingly spirited archer!


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SongBird! Illustrations and Publishing

So as I’ve said before, Songbird is finished! YAY! I’m still doing some last minute editing and finishing the illustrations but they’ll go by quick now that I have a method. >:D I’ve decided to redo the ones that I had finished because, after a TON of experimenting, I found a style that I’m satisfied with.

Originally I wanted an art style that was a bit more “cartoony” than this, but some of them came out so well that I can’t bring myself to change it back. :/ So hopefully everyone likes this better. Maybe I’ll end up redoing them one day, but for now I’m happy with this. :)


As for publishing, I’ve already started working on that, but I don’t want to jinx anything so I’ll keep quiet until I have real news. Though I am still debating on entering SongBird in a contest so if anyone has any opinions about that I’d love to hear them.

As always, thanks for the support! :D

Making Progress!

I’m a million years late posting this, but over the summer I taught an anime class for Young Rembrandts and I had some really awesome students! At the end of the session I was gifted with this super amazing Asuna pic from a really cool kid with a ton of potential. :) I’m really excited that these kids really want to improve and put themselves out there and learn! I’m not allowed to post names but she knows who she is and she should know she’s already way better than I was at her age. As you can see I’ve hung it on my wall. xP  Thank you so much for the pic!! As you know, I LOVE SAO. <333 So keep up the amazing work and draw, draw, draw!!




In other news I’ve reached a milestone!! I’ve finished the entire first draft of my novel, SongBird and it is currently being proofed! Still working on illustrations, but they’re going by pretty quickly and my real dilemma now is whether I should send it to a publisher or enter it into a contest! Dx Idk right now, but I’m already super consumed by another project!! Anyway, since I’m done with the writing for the most part I’ll try to post more pictures soon. :) As always, thanks for the support! <3333 Some of you guys have given me really helpful feedback so I’ll be sure to give you a shout out in my dedication page.


SongBird: She-Pirates Final Designs

In my last post I said I would try to update weekly, but then stuff happened and just don’t trust me to post regularly… Jeez, me. Get yourself together.

Anyway I haven’t been completely unproductive during all this time! I’ve done commissions and I’m literally like 85% finished with the writing for SongBird!! So HAPPY YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. Now if only I could shovel out the like thirty something illustrations as quickly I’d be set before Christmas! :D

I’ll be working a lot more this year so probably even less updates, sorry. But as soon as I’m done with SongBird I’ll probably go back to finishing Lucy’s Tail. :)

So without further ado here are more official SongBird Characters! You’ll have to read it to find out what role they play! ;)



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