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Happy Birthday, Mayne!


It’s Mayne Hamilton’s Birthday today! This may not be the end of the Tanaka/Yachi spam for good, but this is the last one for now. Sadly, tomorrow is my 100th post which means my daily posts are coming to an end! I’ll still be posting at least twice a week though. :D So enough about me! This lovely pic was once again drawn by Mayne Hamilton and starting today I’ll be adding a new page to my gallery for her. Since she never posts any art, I’ll be posting it for her. >:D Don’t worry I have permission from her lazy ass. lol

Let’s Dance! [Tanaka + Yachi]


Be prepared, you guys, because I just became the first mate of Mayne Hamilton’s SHIP!! This ship needs more art so here is our contribution to the Too Pure Pure Haikyuu!! fandom! TANAKA AND YACHI YOU GUYS! LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!! Okay. I’m done. Until tomorrow!

Anime Recommendations [Sports]

When I teach anime classes I often get asked what anime I recommend, but that’s honestly too open ended of a question. I think too many people generalize anime as if it’s a genre of it’s own, but it’s really not. It’s a medium. There are many different kinds of anime. Some are good and some aren’t and that’s completely subjective, so even if I gave you a list or told you what I recommend or what my favorite is there’s no guarantee you’re going to like it too. That being said, I do have a pretty big list of shows I love that I would recommend to anyone so I’ve decided to organize them into a list by genre that would be easy to refer to. :) Some might be a bit obscure and others might be painfully mainstream and some will be super old and others new so keep an open mind.

I’m dedicating this post to sports! The thing I love about sports anime is the comradery, but I’m sure that 90% of people watching sports shows are fujoshi looking to ship. (I’m not immune to that lol) I have a few qualifications for what makes a sports show good, especially since I don’t really like sports, so it’s a must that they make you interested in the sport and what’s going on with that aspect of the show. It would suck if I liked the characters but felt the need to fast-forward through matches. It’s also important that the cast is well balanced since teamwork is important in sports anime so the characters must be written well. Here are some of my favs!



Haikyuu is by far the best sports anime (or story in general) around right now for several reasons. It takes a relatively unpopular sport like volleyball (which I had no interest in, no knowledge of, and was not prepared to take seriously) and makes it incredibly interesting! Not only that, but the characters as individuals and the relationships are expertly balanced which is difficult to do with such a large cast. I find myself loving the opponents almost as much as the main team! As a story it’s very well written with a good balance of drama and comedy and the art and animation is absolutely beautiful. If you’re looking for ships, this show is a straight up armada, but if you’re not, you can still enjoy what a great show it is and just don’t ever search for it on tumblr. There will be smooches found.


Ookiku Furikabutte

Despite the fact that this was popular enough in Japan to get dubbed (and it was an awful dub so don’t ever watch it if you want to save your ears), I find that this show is relatively unknown which is a bit sad. I personally love it, but it can be a bit hit or miss (pun intended). I definitely wasn’t a baseball fan before this show, but it sure as hell made it interesting to me. I’ve heard a lot of legitimate complaints about it that are mostly personal preference like some people don’t care for the art (which I think is very well done, especially the hands omg) and others just think that Mihashi is an annoying protagonist. Bottom line is: give it a chance, you might like it. I think it could do better to balance cast of characters, but for the most part it’s very entertaining and also great for shippers.



This anime is so damn beautiful, let me tell you. The sport is actually a card game called Hyakunin Isshu Karuta which is like a memory game that involves quick reflexes and memorization of a collection of poems called the Hyakunin Isshu (historically revered poetry written from the Nara period of Japan through the early Kamakura period). It’s more about the sport and the characters than the poetry itself, but there is a lovely character (who’s a history nerd like me lol) who gives more insight to the historical value and the beauty of the literature. It can come off like a shoujo sometimes (but it’s a josei) and its definitely geared toward women, but I think men could appreciate it too and the art is very nice.


Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

Look, I’m sure you’ve seen this already or formed an opinion based on the fans and YES there is a TON of fan service and it’s practically MADE for shipping and it would take a damn good lawyer to convince me that there is even ONE straight male character in this show, but if you haven’t seen it, give it a chance and try to be objective, because it’s actually written really well and the character relationships are great. It didn’t make me care about swimming, tbh, but it’s more about ambitions and friendship than anything else so I’m okay with that. I really enjoyed the message of talent versus skill and whether or not its okay to not have any personal goals and ambition. Yes, there are actually real themes in this show! See? Give it a chance!


Bamboo Blade

There definitely aren’t enough kendo shows and this was one of my favorites. If you aren’t fundamentally offended by dubs, the dub for this is pretty alright. The main thing that makes this show good is the way it goes about characters and relationships but it does get me REALLY into kendo as a competitive sport which is awesome. It’s also got a predominantly female cast which is refreshing for a sports show. I’m not enamored with the art, but honestly I don’t even care because I enjoy watching it so much. It’s only got a one season run though, which is sad because the anime stops right when I feel the manga heats up, but at least you can always read the manga when you’re done! :)


Well, that’s enough of me! Look out for more rec lists in the future if you enjoyed this one! Bye bye! :3

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