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February 2018
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Caedis’s Weapon choices!

So earlier this month I made a post about Caedis’s fighting style in which I briefly mentioned that she can turn any object into a weapon. Let me elaborate on that!

In the illustration below we see Caedis with boxing gloves that are similar to the ones shown in the cover art for Love is Violence, which I did in the spur of the moment before I had really decided what I was going to do. It’s likely that in the chapter her gloves will end up looking like those instead of the ones in this pic and here’s why. Caedis has the power to turn any object into a weapon of her choice which she can transform at any time. These weapons become stronger depending on how much sentimental value the object has. Caedis doesn’t really own anything but the clothes on her back so they are the most sentimental things she has and so she tends to turn articles of clothing into weapons. In this picture, she’s turned her shirt into boxing gloves, but I’m thinking in the chapter she’ll probably use her shoes just because that makes more sense since there’s two of them.

SO! Now that that’s established, I’ll try not to spoil my plans and tell you what effect this has on the story and relationships. But I will say that I’ll be having fun with this by making her use as many different weapons as possible! So I’ll be posting some pics of Caedis using a bunch of different weapons. ^^ Look forward to it!


Kleronmos, New Realeases, and a Hiatus

This will be a purely informative post. So! First thing’s first. I’m sorry to say that I’ll be going on a little hiatus from both Lucy’s Tail and My Ghost & My Monster. I’m only annoyed about this because I just got off of a short hiatus from G&M, but I’m really passionate about this story and I’d rather it be the way I want it instead of rushed because I have too much stuff to do. That being said, since this is to give me a breather, I don’t have a date the hiatus will be over. But I promise it won’t be more than a few months and I will definitely come back before the year is over.

Now for other projects I promised this summer.


The last time I posted about Kleronomos, I said that it would be released this summer. Well, a lot had happened since then and I’ve changed my mind about how I want to go about this story. However, it IS finished and I DID make a promise so I WILL be putting it up piece by piece for you guys to read. Starting July 23rd I’ll be posting it to read for free here on my website, on Fiction Press, and on Wattpad. I want people to read it and since I’ll be writing more of these books I figure I’ll simply publish it along with the sequel which will not be free.  In the meantime…


Energy! 24/6, Book 2 was scheduled to start soon, but seeing as though I’ll be serializing Kleronomos instead, that will have to be postponed a little longer. This might be disappointing to those of you who have been following, but I don’t plan on serializing “Love, Karin” until January of 2017. Sorry, guys, but I have too much going on right now to write it. But I do have it planned out and I promise it’ll be interesting when it does come out! :)

Last of all, but certainly not least!

SongBird Logo

It’s back! For now, I don’t have any new images, but I’m happy to let you all know that SongBird will be published in print! I will be releasing more info as the publishing process progresses, but for now this is all I have. So because of this new development and because I have a new job and new studies to focus on, I won’t have time to post as much as I used to. Sad as that makes me, I am really excited about the direction my life is heading right now so hopefully I’ll be able to share more projects soon! As usual, thanks for sticking with me. :D I love you guys.

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