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February 2018
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Louhi Bookmark Finally Done!

This took me forever. I feel like lately I’m psyching myself out of finishing art lately. Getting back into this is more difficult than I thought, but hopefully I can keep posting at least once a week. As always, thanks for the support! Also, I’ll be starting some new projects soon so keep an eye out!

Here’s A Bookmark From Under The Sea!

Here’s another bookmark to go with your copy of SongBird by Dighm Liting! I’ll be printing a bunch of these soon once I’m done with some more designs so look out for them! This one is the mermaids who have some of my favorite designs and I’ll be putting out some sketches soon as well.

Meanwhile, you can purchase the novel here:

Kasvi and the twins would like to Read with You!

Huomenta, minun lyhdyt! Here’s another bookmark. This time it’s Kasvi and the twins. I especially like this one because there are no humans in it and it’s got nice composition. I hope you like it, too!
You can pair this lovely fellow with Song Bird by Dighm Liting on paperback, Available at the following channels.

Greta and Alfons Would like to Read with You!

Buenos Días, mis linternas! I’ll be printing some bookmarks pretty soon, but before I get them printed I’ll have to draw them out, of course! Here’s the first in the long line. Enjoy, Greta and Alfons, from the novel, Song Bird by Dighm Liting! Available everywhere books are sold!*

*Availability may be limited to online in certain areas.

Fear Her Above the Water



Age:   19              Species:   Mermaid

Likes:   Revenge, Playing, New things, Justice, Singing

Dislikes:   Cruelty, Indecision, Pirates, Selfish people

Like all Sea People, Maija becomes a siren above the water. Normally this is a fate that mermaids avoid; a side effect of their magic running wild on the surface. However some mermaids like to use it to take their revenge on sailors and pirates for disturbing their waters or simply to protect their territory.

Maija is fun-loving and a bit childish. She won’t stand for injustice and has no problem being vindictive if she feels that she’s justified. Despite that she’s very forgiving and will do whatever she can to help a friend. She’s not a particularly beautiful mermaid compared to others, but a human would never know it.

Sea People cannot breathe above the water’s surface, but Maija isn’t afraid of that so much. Her only real fear would be being trapped. Not being able to swim free for Maija would be a fate worse than death.


Click here to read more about SongBird

Click here to find SongBird on Amazon

Check Song Bird out at the Kindle Store!

Song Bird Cover - Runes

So as of January 31st Song Bird is officially published as an eBook! It’s available for Kindle, iPhone and iPad, Amazon Fire, and Android phones. Pretty much anything with a kindle app. Click here to find it on Amazon or click the image. :D I’ve yet to publish a physical copy but if it gets enough revenue then I’ll be releasing an illustrated special edition! So go read it!

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