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February 2018
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Artist Feature [bloody juicy]

bloody juicy

“I’m so serious about art [that] if you [ask] women or art I will chose art”

Bloody Juicy is an anime style artist from Indonesia that focuses on fanart and works primarily digitally. He’s still on the road, but he’s working to be popular enough to make a living off of his art! Bloody Juicy love to draw fanart and wants to share that with the world. His biggest influences come from a combination of Japanese culture and his home Indonesia!

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Here are some samples of his work!



Happy Birthday to Me from Amethyst & Peri! x3


I contemplated for a long time whether or not I should do a special post on my birthday and finally decided that I should just do whatever I want today. So here you go. I’m Amedot trash now and this is my contribution to the fandom. LOL I finally did Steven Universe fanart and its a ship. I’m so done. xDDDDD

Throwback to One of the Best Parts of my Childhood!

Beyblade wall

IT TOOK ME FOUR FRICKIN DAYS TO DRAW THIS!! You guys don’t understand. I NEVER spend that long on a picture. This was a huge challenge for me and I have so much to say about this I don’t even know where to start! I’ve wanted to do this for years but every time I start I can never finish. BUT IT’S 2016 BABY AND I AM BACK!

AGAHGAJAJAKJSKlkdjl!!! This show means so much to me. It was such a huge part of my childhood! My first fandom, my first OTP, and my first anime crush too! xDDD Although looking back, I would never like a guy like Kai at this stage in my life. lol Anyway, if you follow me on Tumblr I’ve posted two WIPs for this. I don’t really like posting WIPs anywhere else so if you like that sort of thing then my Tumblr is the only place you’ll find them from me. :3 Just a heads up.

Now before anyone says anything about the design changes or clothes, LET ME EXPLAIN. I’ve always had this AU idea in my head about these guys if Beyblade wasn’t about Beyblading but instead about fighting. Takao would, of course, have grown up doing kendo but yearn for something less strict which is why I put him in a yukata instead of his normal clothes. If you look closely you’ll see that everyone’s outfit is a bit different. I have the idea all thought through and I may or may not either write fanfiction or just turn it into a story of my own, but I really just wanted to explain why they don’t look the same as normal. Obviously I edited the hair as well. I’m sorry guys, but I just can’t with the hair. It’s fine when I’m watching but I could never draw it like that so I did an AU version, I hope that’s okay with you. lol

ANYWAY shout out to AnimaProject who unknowingly gave me the motivation to do this by drawing this amazing fanart!! CHECK IT OUT ON DEVIANTART! And look through her gallery too because she’s AMAZAH, you guys!!!

Welcoming 2016 with a Trade!

Radera and Ezmon

LOL Salison and I decided in like JULY last year that we would do this art trade and idk how it’s already 2016, but HERE IT IS!! SAL’s characters, Radera and Ezmon, who you can see more of on her Tumblr! I had so much fun with this even though I’m pretty sure the clothes are like 1234% incorrect. lololol

My first post of the year which also marks the beginning of my 100 days of posts! Hopefully I can stick to my guns this year! Wish me luck!


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