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February 2018
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Blue Diamond WIP

Trying out my new laptop by drawing Blue Diamond! I love Steven Universe, but this is definitely the first character design that I’ve really wanted to draw. I’ve always love flowy designs like this and melancholy type characters always really intrigue me. So here it is! Fresh off the new Steven Bomb! Enjoy!


Link is the New Pink Ranger??!

Lol just a reference to one of JoelTheMojo’s “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” streams. He’s playing Zelda at least every Saturday starting at 6:00 PM PST so check him out! And while your at it check out this new thumbnail I made for him. :D Link truly is the prettiest princess. So go ahead and click that Link (Pun very much intended) by clicking on the thumbnail and hit that follow button for a good time!

Happy Birthday, Mayne!


It’s Mayne Hamilton’s Birthday today! This may not be the end of the Tanaka/Yachi spam for good, but this is the last one for now. Sadly, tomorrow is my 100th post which means my daily posts are coming to an end! I’ll still be posting at least twice a week though. :D So enough about me! This lovely pic was once again drawn by Mayne Hamilton and starting today I’ll be adding a new page to my gallery for her. Since she never posts any art, I’ll be posting it for her. >:D Don’t worry I have permission from her lazy ass. lol

Let’s Dance! [Tanaka + Yachi]


Be prepared, you guys, because I just became the first mate of Mayne Hamilton’s SHIP!! This ship needs more art so here is our contribution to the Too Pure Pure Haikyuu!! fandom! TANAKA AND YACHI YOU GUYS! LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!! Okay. I’m done. Until tomorrow!

Kai and Takao Redraw


This is actually a redraw of picture I drew like five years ago where I ripped off the pose from another pic I saw and didn’t really do a good job of it. I’ve been meaning to redraw it for years and I’m glad I waited because I really like how it came out. The pose is more original than before and their expressions are a million times better. Ugh, I just hate the old one. I’m glad I can’t find it. Please don’t find it.

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