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February 2018
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Dighm Liting Concept Art

Hello, all! I have a new project I’m working on with a friend and I’m not revealing anything yet, but you’ll be seeing some sketches over the next couple of months that may all seem linear. I was doing some concept art for my official character design of Dighm Liting, which will be involved in this project, and I got a little carried away with the coloring. Anyway, it’s still technically concept art so the design will definitely change, but this is my first idea and I’ll be building off of it. :) Enjoy! <3

Dighm Liting

Professor Sofos


Some more pics of Mr. Sofos from Kleronomos. The owl form is consistent, but if Charlie messes up the Song of Change or if he doesn’t have enough power then his dragon form will be small and cute like a baby. It’s often cold where they are since they’re in the mountains so Charlie will give Sofos her scarf a lot. Partially because it’s cold, but mostly because it’s adorable.

The Concerned Little Brother

ElliotProfElliot Howell


Age:   17              Species:   Human

Talent:   Photographic Memory, Great at most subjects

Likes:   Books, Learning, Piano, Music, Metaphors, Proverbs

Dislikes:   Stepping on peoples toes (Not literally but I’m sure he wouldn’t want to do that either), Bullies, Being put on the spot, Rebellious and Stubborn People


Charlie’s younger brother Elliot is a smart boy who studies often. He loves the piano, but feels that all music belongs to Charlie and that he should stick to one of the many other things he’s good at. He likes to keep an eye on his sister who he deems emotionally unstable. He often questions her judgement and her sanity since he lacks “the sight”. Despite his love of books and fantasy, Elliot doesn’t believe in the supernatural and finds it hard to cope with the sudden addition of Mr. Sofos to the family.

Though he seems a bit high strung Elliot love to have fun. In fact he loves it so much that he disciplines himself regularly to keep from becoming distracted from his studies. With Charlie on the road to losing her future in music, Elliot feels that it’s his responsibility to become successful. Even though this decision is made to take the pressure off of Charlie, it puts a bigger strain on their relationship and Elliot is left wondering why they keep growing apart.

100th Post! A Special Announcement!


Sorry there’s no Energy chapter this week. It’ll resume it’s normal schedule next week. My new schedule is at the end of this post.

In the mean time, I did it, guys! I set out to accomplish a goal and I did it! This year feels very important to me. I’m more productive and more on task, but more conflicted than ever. I decided at the beginning of this year that I would take things one step at a time and pace myself. Every mistake I’ve ever made has been in haste so I don’t want to repeat that pattern. I’m in the middle of some important decisions and I’m really thinking hard about them, but most importantly I’m not letting them get in the way of my art. Writing is my dream and I’m determined to be successful! So without further ado I’ll be revealing my newest project!


I mentioned Kléronomos earlier this year a couple of times, but not in detail so over the course of the next few months I’ll be posting pictures, character designs, music, and some teasers! Starting with the basic synopsis.

Charlie Howell was a music prodigy since she was a little girl, but as she grew she began to notice the strange world around her that nobody else seemed to see. The ghosts and monsters passed her by with little interest and her sightings were snuffed off as jokes until the day of a school performance where she sat in the wood wind section. After an outburst of panic on stage her life began to unravel until she decided that quitting music was the only way to make the monsters go away. After years of trying to escape them she makes a fatal mistake one night and is cursed by a demon. If she can stay awake for five days the demon will disappear, but if she falls asleep she will be eaten alive.

Kléronomos will be an ongoing series of short books or novelettes that center around Charlie and an ancient Greek dragon named Mr. Sofós who is trapped in the body of an owl. It will be lightly illustrated and accompanied by several scores as Charlie must play a special ocarina in order to give Mr. Sofós the power to become a dragon. The first book will follow the above plot while paving the way for an on going plot that will unravel slowly over the coarse of the series. I do not have a set amount of books for this story as I plan to have fun with it for as long as I am able. :)

Book One: Sofós will be available for purchase this summer.


I’d like to take this time to formally end my 100 days of posts. I will no longer be posting everyday, but I will still be keeping a schedule. Now that I’ve kept up with posting everyday I know I can do this! So the schedule will be as follows.

  • Monday:  Comic Update
    • Currently ongoing: My Ghost & My Monster
    • I’m planning for Lucy’s Tail to come off of hiatus in May. Possibly sooner, but we will see.
  • Wednesday:  Blog Post
    • I’ll be using this day to continue posting art, character profiles, updates, and more!
  • Saturday:  Energy 24/6!
    • Currently ongoing: Book One: Love, Koichi
    • There will be a chapter a week until Book One is finished then there will be a short break before Book Two begins serializing.
  • Sunday: Reserved for one of the following
    • Recommendation Lists. These will range from Anime & Manga to Books to music. It’ll just be a way for me to gush about things I love, really. Isn’t that what blogs are all about?
    • Artist FeaturesThis was part of my 100 days of posts but I will probably keep doing them. I don’t know how contestant I will be though.
    • Tutorials and Educational Posts. I’ve been writing some story building exercises and step by steps down. I also want to do some more eye tutorials and stuff so when I get around to them they’ll be posted on Sundays. :)


That’s all! Until next time!


Another Fae Dragon!


The Fae (or Faery) Dragon is the tiniest dragon of them all and in some people’s opinion the cutest, but that’s super biased, I mean… They range in size about as much as insects do. So be careful next time you try to avenge your favorite sweater and make sure it’s really a moth and not one of these little guys!


You Are Your Own Best Friend


Look at this little guy! Er… little guys? Um… Yeah, so Hydra, not referring to the monster from Greek mythology, but the species of dragon. I’m pretty sure the only thing you need to qualify for this type of dragon is multiple heads. Please do not try to chop off one of these poor creature’s heads. It won’t grow back and you will make at least one of the other heads either very angry or very sad. Plus, that’s just mean.

Never Enough Amphithere


Because these are my favorite kind of dragon I’m just going to leave one more here for you. :3 I was thinking about how they slither when they’re on the ground and felt like I should draw one where the feathers stop at the belly. It just seems like biologically this makes more sense.

Anyway, this was actually a concept sketch for a character in a story I’ll be revealing next month, but the final design ended up being more like a wyvern, which pains me a little bit but it fit my vision better so I had to go with it. Dx So I’m left with this design that will probably not be used for anything in particular, but it’s fun to draw so I guess I’ll just draw it for fun… Gosh, I’m really bad at doing things that aren’t a part of a project.

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