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February 2018
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Kleronomos Chapter Three


The mountain trail was long back up to her mother’s house then passed it leading onto the dirt roads that became even darker than the scarcely lit farmlands. There were no street lights up there and by the time Charlie had gotten to the bottom of the forest covered mountain path it had become so dark she was debating on turning back. Charlie turned this way and that in contemplation before pulling out her cheap smart phone and opening the app store to search for a flashlight. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she had no service and a loud grunt escaped her mouth before she shoved her phone back into her pocket to resist the urge to throw it down the hill. Then, suddenly, a light was shining on her and she stilled.

“What in the hell do you think you’re doing out here, Charlotte?” Came Elliot’s usual scolding tone and Charlie felt her shoulders drop in relief then rise again in irritation.

“Would you stop mothering me, Ellie?” she asked, mockingly politely, enjoying the look abashed look of frustration on her brother’s face. Looking back up to the trees, she could see the beginnings of a pathway with the light from Elliot’s phone.

Elliot watched Charlie squint as a shadow passed through the trees but all he saw was a girl unable to see in the dark without her glasses. He sighed, pulling the large orange frames from his pocket and handing them to his sister, making it all too obvious that he had followed her. She thanked him quietly, distracted, and turned back to the trees to try and find the shadow again, but there was nothing. Only still woods, darkness and the mountain breeze.

“What are you doing out here?” he asked again with significantly more patience.

“I’m going to see grandpa,” she answered casually, as if she hadn’t just dropped a bomb and Elliot wasn’t staring wide eyed at her. Charlie hesitated, wondering if it was a good idea to bring Elliot into a place that was so clearly haunted, but she had never seen a spirit attack a human that couldn’t see it and she needed his light to see. She looked back at him once before deciding that he would definitely follow her no matter how much he didn’t want to, then took one step into the woods before he stopped her.

“What are you doing?!” he near shouted. “Are you crazy?! You can’t go in there!”

“I need to ask him some questions.” Charlie shrugged him off and continued onto the path with reckless bravery.

Elliot glanced around in a paranoid fashion before scrambling to her side. “Can’t you do that in the morning?!” he whispered loudly.

“No.” Charlie looked back at him for a moment as if he was asking a stupid question and he should know it. “What would I do in the mean time?”

“Gee, I don’t know. Sleep?” he glared.

Charlie sighed. She wanted to tell him the truth but he wouldn’t believe her, so she tried to think of a lie instead but nothing came to mind. In the end she simply stayed silent and Elliot grew more exasperated. He threatened to go home, taking his light with him, but Charlie knew he wouldn’t leave her alone in the mountains at night. So instead she listened to Elliot’s complaintive whispering for the entirety of the thirteen minutes it took to reach her grandfather’s cabin.

It was easy to tune him out. For every “It’s a school night,” there was a “Look, two humans,” echoing from the leaves. For every “Mom’s going to kill us,” there was a “What are they doing here?” from somewhere in the trees. She tried her damndest to ignore the voices, but every now and then she would glance back at Elliot, wondering if he really couldn’t hear them. Finally they stood before a rundown cabin, moss and vines growing in and out of the wood, darkness encompassing every corner. Even from the outside it was obvious that no one had been there for years.

“Why aren’t there any animals around here?” Elliot quietly looked around, subconsciously moving closer to Charlie. “Shouldn’t we at least hear some birds?”

“No. Animals know better,” Charlie said eerily. She had seen enough to know that animals could see what she saw and it was clear that these woods were crawling with spirits. There was no way any animals would be around such a place and knowing he wouldn’t get mauled by a mountain lion was the only reason she was willing to let Elliot come with her.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” he grimaced.

Charlie only rolled her eyes. “It means what it means.” she answered impatiently, stepping up to the door. For a moment she considered turning back. The air was just as thick and uncomfortable as she remembered, and she couldn’t imagine that anyone who could see and feel what she did would choose to live here. But this was her only option so she steeled herself and knocked loudly on the door three times.

Elliot made an audibly scared whine as the door unlocked and opened slowly. He wanted to believe that the door gave way from the force of her knock but it was clear that it had been opened from the inside, and when there was nothing but darkness to greet them, he was all for turning tail and running home.

“Get over here, Elliot. I can’t see anything,” Charlie commanded, somehow sure that there was nothing to fear inside that house. Of course, there was no way to convince Elliot of that.

“Sh-shouldn’t we… you know… not trespass? Or something?”

“This place is obviously abandoned. Aren’t you worried about what happened to grandpa?” She reasoned, knowing appealing to his conscience was probably the only way to convince him.

Elliot swallowed loudly, looking back over each shoulder before scurrying toward the door. He stood in front of her in a show of bravery, to protect her, though it was clear that she was far less bothered by their situation. Charlie rolled her eyes before proceeding into the cabin and telling Elliot to keep the light on her.

Inside the air was considerably lighter and, whether he noticed it or not, even Elliot’s shoulders had become less tense. Charlie noticed it. She noticed it so much that, for a moment, she just stood there wondering if that meant that her grandfather was somehow able to do some sort of magic that protected the inside of the house. She wondered if that meant she could do it too. Elliot didn’t pay any mind to her spacing and instead pointed his light in as many different directions as possible just in case there was someone lying in wait to snatch them up and put them in an oven. He expected to find a person, an animal, a ghost, a dead body, anything, but all he found was scattered paper and books, strange trinkets, and a small unmade bed, as if it was left in a hurry.

“This place is a mess.” He grimaced just before tripping and stumbling onto something large in the middle of the floor.

Charlie shook out of her thoughts, taking the time to laugh at Elliot’s clumsiness before helping him up. He glared at her before dusting himself off and pointing his light at the offending object and the two stood back in wonder at the sight of the floor boards coming up around a wide tree trunk.

“There is so much about this that doesn’t make any sense,” Charlie scratched her head as Elliot moved his phone around the area, her eyes drawn to something in the darkness that his light passed over momentarily. Wordlessly, she grabbed her brother’s phone from his hand and pointed it at a wooden post near the bed where a side table should be. On the post was a large white and grey owl, still as death with eyes that almost seemed to meet hers until she blinked.

Elliot made a sudden scramble for her, startled by the creature, before relaxing. “Oh, it’s just a toy.” He exhaled, hand on his chest in a damselish sort of way, Charlie thought. “What’s something like that doing here?”

Charlie turned away from it, disappointed. “Maybe he liked stuffed animals.”

“Don’t say liked like he’s dead or something.” Elliot fumbled with his coat, unbuttoning the top few buttons and unwrapping his tan scarf.

“Well, he might be,” Charlie answered coldly. “From the looks of it he left here in a hurry.”

“We should probably do the same,” Elliot mumbled, reaching for his phone.

Charlie moved it seamlessly to her other hand, keeping it from him, and began to sift through some papers. Elliot’s eyes brightened a bit as they looked over Charlie’s shoulder at folk stories and drawings, but it was clear she was focused on something in particular. Naturally, she ignored him when he asked about it, so Elliot thought back to the words she typed into his search bar and went about searching for anything having to do with a mask.

After some time with nothing to be found, Charlie seemed to deflate a bit. Elliot watched her sink hopelessly as if someone had let the air out of her and reflexively moved to catch her, only managing to hold onto her shoulders as her knees hit the dusty floor.


Charlie glared up at him for only a moment with little force then looked back at the ground where her stockings had picked up a layer of dust from the wood. “Why don’t you call me Charlie anymore, huh?” she asked, a softness in her tone that Elliot wasn’t used to. He didn’t really know how to answer that. “You used to call me Charlie when we were kids. You used to wait for me to come home and then I’d tell you about my day.”

“Where is all this coming from?” He crouched down next to her, a concerned hand on her back, and watched Charlie as she sighed and put herself back together.

“It’s nothing.” She stood, pulling him back up with her. “I’m just tired.” She motioned for Elliot to follow her out the door and he took another look around in the dim light from his phone in Charlie’s hand.

He grabbed a few of the books and a stack of paper before following her. He thought that she might ask him why, but she made no mention of it and Elliot began debating on what he should call his sister from now on. He always thought she just hated her name. Had something so simple really been bothering her?

As they walked on he remembered his freshman year of high school, when Charlie was still in school and they were supposed to walk home together. Somehow in his memory it was always Charlie who had decided to trail behind him or look off in some other direction where she couldn’t see him, but here on the mountain trail where Charlie stuck protectively close to him he was reminded that he was the one who began walking ahead of her first. He was the one who stopped looking at her in awe. He was the one who stopped calling her Charlie.


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Jonah in August!


Edit: I added Jonah’s tail because I felt like it wasn’t obvious enough that he’s a lion. I also realized that he was supposed to be on the other side of the canvas to go in the pattern with the rest of them, but that’s pretty much impossible to fix. LOL Leave it to Jonah to throw off the whole order of everything. You guys will see soon what a tard he is. Anyway, if I find other things wrong with this I’ll fix it when I do the touch ups for the completed calendar.


I did this one really quickly because I completely forgot about these so there are a ton of mistakes that I intend to go back and fix eventually, but in the mean time, here you go! Jonah is one of my favorites and he’ll be very important later and at the end of this chapter if I ever get around to finishing it. lol Well that’s all I have time for. Bye, bye. :)

The Sea King



Age:   ???              Species:   Mermaid

The King of the Sea has had many forms but the woman who site on the throne now is tolerant of little. She doesn’t smile, but her people speak of her kindness often. It is said that the Sea King can see through the eyes of any creature that dwells under the water and that her magic can lift the entire ocean.

Ahti is not the first Sea King, but she has watched over the waters of Tuonela for many years. She doesn’t seem to care much about what happens on the surface, but from what we can gather, she’s quite fond of Louhi. She is the purest of the sea people and it is impossible to look her in the eye and tell a lie.


Read More About SongBird


Lucy’s Tail Page 70!


Lucy likes to cause trouble for the town of Holiday where all the inhabitants are cats. So much so that she is no longer allowed to live in town. In a world inhabited only by animals, Lucy finds adventure everywhere while slowly trying to get back into the good graces of the towns people of Holiday.

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Fear Her Above the Water



Age:   19              Species:   Mermaid

Likes:   Revenge, Playing, New things, Justice, Singing

Dislikes:   Cruelty, Indecision, Pirates, Selfish people

Like all Sea People, Maija becomes a siren above the water. Normally this is a fate that mermaids avoid; a side effect of their magic running wild on the surface. However some mermaids like to use it to take their revenge on sailors and pirates for disturbing their waters or simply to protect their territory.

Maija is fun-loving and a bit childish. She won’t stand for injustice and has no problem being vindictive if she feels that she’s justified. Despite that she’s very forgiving and will do whatever she can to help a friend. She’s not a particularly beautiful mermaid compared to others, but a human would never know it.

Sea People cannot breathe above the water’s surface, but Maija isn’t afraid of that so much. Her only real fear would be being trapped. Not being able to swim free for Maija would be a fate worse than death.


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Comic Update: Lucy’s Tail Pg 69


Lucy likes to cause trouble for the town of Holiday where all the inhabitants are cats. So much so that she is no longer allowed to live in town. In a world inhabited only by animals, Lucy finds adventure everywhere while slowly trying to get back into the good graces of the towns people of Holiday.

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The Concerned Little Brother

ElliotProfElliot Howell


Age:   17              Species:   Human

Talent:   Photographic Memory, Great at most subjects

Likes:   Books, Learning, Piano, Music, Metaphors, Proverbs

Dislikes:   Stepping on peoples toes (Not literally but I’m sure he wouldn’t want to do that either), Bullies, Being put on the spot, Rebellious and Stubborn People


Charlie’s younger brother Elliot is a smart boy who studies often. He loves the piano, but feels that all music belongs to Charlie and that he should stick to one of the many other things he’s good at. He likes to keep an eye on his sister who he deems emotionally unstable. He often questions her judgement and her sanity since he lacks “the sight”. Despite his love of books and fantasy, Elliot doesn’t believe in the supernatural and finds it hard to cope with the sudden addition of Mr. Sofos to the family.

Though he seems a bit high strung Elliot love to have fun. In fact he loves it so much that he disciplines himself regularly to keep from becoming distracted from his studies. With Charlie on the road to losing her future in music, Elliot feels that it’s his responsibility to become successful. Even though this decision is made to take the pressure off of Charlie, it puts a bigger strain on their relationship and Elliot is left wondering why they keep growing apart.

Comic Update: Lucy’s Tail Pg 68


Lucy likes to cause trouble for the town of Holiday where all the inhabitants are cats. So much so that she is no longer allowed to live in town. In a world inhabited only by animals, Lucy finds adventure everywhere while slowly trying to get back into the good graces of the towns people of Holiday.

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Energy! 24/6 [Book 1: Chapter 11]


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Narumi was talking. I only knew because I could hear him saying Azusa’s name every now and then and it reminded me that I was about to be face to face with her in her own home. It’s not like that was a big deal on its own, but I wasn’t really prepared for it. I wanted to talk things out, but how exactly was I going to do that with everyone else there? I’d be way too embarrassed.

“When you say it it gives her some merit, but in the end it still feels like Azusa’s playing hooky.” Saya walked easily next to Narumi, turning to him and shaking her head.

I walked behind them, Kazuto at my side. He had no problem navigating in and out of the conversation, but I guess I was the only one too awkward to say anything.

“Is that why she likes all that health food stuff?” Kazuto asked, his book bag dangling carelessly in the grip that rested behind his neck. I tried to tune in at that. Is what why she likes health food? What were they talking about?

“Oh, you noticed, huh?” Narumi chuckled. “I guess there are some things she can’t help but put effort into still. She used to be a lot more hard working and since mom was dead set on her being a doctor Azusa started studying health and nutrition. She was really good at it, but after the burn out she doesn’t really care about studies. I guess she’s just using what she learned to stay healthy. She gets really moody when she feels even a little bad so I can imagine why.”

“The burn out?” I blurted out.

“Yeah… well, I don’t really know what else to call it.” Narumi rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly as he came to a halt. We watched as he turned to us, guard down and eyes a bit pleading. “Azusa’s going to wring my neck when she finds out I’m telling you guys all of this… I know you aren’t that close. There’s no way you could be with the way she is, but if you can would you please try to be her friend?”

The three of us exchanged glances, probably taken aback by the request. Honestly I didn’t know what they were thinking, but I was sure that Saya would take the lead as always. To my surprise it was Kazuto who spoke up first.

“I know that dork isn’t closer to anyone else in school than us.” He smirked. “So doesn’t that make us friends already?”

Saya appraised him for a moment before smiling. “Well, she’s a pain my ass, but I do feel a sense of responsibility for her.”

“You don’t have to say anything, Kou.” Kazuto slapped me on the back. “We all know you’re pretty much obsessed with her.”

“I’m not! Don’t say that! That makes me sound like a stalker or something!”

My protests were ignored as we moved on and Narumi continued with his explanation. He told us about Azusa’s collapse in middle school and how her body has been weak ever since then. The doctors tell her she’ll be fine as long as she watched her stress levels and to just go on like normal. Somehow it didn’t surprise me. Thinking back, Azusa always seemed tired, like she was forcing herself to be cheerful. I had to wonder if that was a difficult thing to do.

As we approached the door Narumi turned to us again, hands clasped together. “Um, can you guys not tell her I told you all of that? She’s really scary when she’s mad, okay?”

Saya laughed. “Don’t worry, Narumi. We’ll behave. Right, boys?”

That bright smile lit up Narumi’s face as we nodded and he eagerly opened the door. “Welcome! Please make yourselves comfortable!”

Kazuto gawked shamelessly as we entered the expensive looking home, abandoning our shoes at the door. Narumi led us into the living room with that bright smile of his and I soon found myself face to face with a startled Azusa. We three stood in the archway to the living room watching as an orange slice slipped from her fingers and onto the short table. The low volume of the TV was loud in the silence of our impromptu staring contest.

Amber eyes shot toward Narumi who approached gleefully as if nothing was awry. “Narumi. What are they doing here?”

“I invited them! I thought you’d be happy to see your friends!” He grinned, but kept his distance as if he was anticipating a physical attack.

Azusa turned back to us, her hair falling a bit in her face without her hairclip. She was dressed so comfortably in a matching light green pajama set. It was casual and I felt like I was invading her privacy a bit, but it was really cute.

“Jeez, Azusa! Aren’t you going to welcome us? After we came all this way just to see if you were okay!” Saya marched fearlessly into the room, taking a seat at Azusa’s side. The action was enough to break the tension and Kazuto and I followed after toward the low table to sit. Saya’s scolding was light hearted and caring, but Azusa looked away with a pout. Her face was more expressive than I’d ever seen before. She looked so much less guarded than usual and a part of me wanted to take advantage of that somehow.

“How rude of you to barge in here like we’re friends after yelling at me.” Azusa jabbed childishly.

“Well I was going to apologize, but now that you’re acting like a five year old I’m not sure that I want to.” Saya folded her arms and turned away equally as childish.

Azusa looked like she was fighting with herself as she trained her eyes on her brother and Narumi offered her an encouraging smile before escaping to the kitchen for snacks.

“Were you really going to apologize?” She mumbled.

I’m not so much of a child that I can’t admit that I was being too pushy.” Saya quipped.

Azusa looked at me with a suspicious expression. “Did you… come to apologize too, Izumi?”

I inwardly panicked for a moment. What did I come for? My mind went blank and I nodded reflexively. I don’t think I was the only one who jumped a bit when Azusa dropped her arms to the table and buried her face.

“Seriously?” She whined. “Are you messing with me? You can’t possibly be this nice after I said all that stuff.”

Saya looked at me pointedly, gesturing toward Azusa. I could tell she wanted me to do what we talked about and fix things, but everyone was watching and I couldn’t remember what I wanted to say.

“Hey, Saya.” Kazuto suddenly stood. “Let’s go help Narumi in the kitchen, huh?”

“What? But Izumi is—!”

“Don’t worry about him, he’s fine.” He smirked, helping her up and practically dragging her away. “Koichi’s not good under pressure.” I heard him whisper. I might’ve protested that if I wasn’t so grateful, so instead I turned back to Azusa who was peeking over her arm to watch them go.

“I’m sorry, Amamiya. I didn’t mean to stress you out this much.” My eyes took to watching the grain of the table, traveling up and down the little grooves to avoid looking at Azusa.

“It’s not really your fault…” She sighed. “No… I guess it is a little your fault. But mostly it’s me.”

“It’s because I’m pushing you to make your hobby into a career, right? Does it bother you that much?”

“It’s not that it bothers me… It’s that… It’s not easy for me to say this.” Azusa looked at me and I met her eyes on accident.

“I’m not going to judge you.”

“It’s that. It’s you. You’re not at all what I thought. Even though I thought I’d figured you out when I took my notes, the more I learn about you the more I feel like I don’t understand you at all. I don’t get why you care so much and I want to care about it as much as you do but I don’t. I do care. Just not as much as you. But… what you want to do… what you want me to accomplish… it’s difficult. I think that, if it was you then you could do it. But it isn’t you. It’s me. And I can’t do anything.” She sat up. Her delicate hands played with the ends of her pajama shirt and I could tell she wanted to apologize, but I didn’t really care about that anymore.

“Then let me do it.” I found myself saying. Somehow, watching her in that delicate state gave me courage. “Let me be your ambition. Let me do everything that’s too hard. Let me help you.” I searched her eyes as they widened, looking for any sign that she might give in but Azusa didn’t say anything. She just watched me. “I really do believe in you, Amamiya. I believe that your stories are important. But in the end, making them a reality isn’t your dream. It’s mine. I know that it’s selfish of me, but I want to do this. So I’m okay with it if you only want to do the fun parts. All I’m asking is that when you do, you give it your all.”

“…I’m sorry, Izumi.” She finally spoke. I could feel myself deflating as I anticipated her answer. “For that stuff I said before. You’ve been working so hard all this time for my sake and I’ve been a jerk. I know I’m not really tactful and you’re pretty sensitive so I should’ve been more careful about what I was saying.”

I let that one slide, telling myself she must not have known how rude that last part sounded. “It’s fine. We were both frustrated.”

Azusa gave me a slightly sheepish look. “Do you think Takahashi would hear us out one more time?”

“It’s Saya.” The girl in question made her way to us with a tray of cookies, setting them delicately on the table. “It’s weird if I call you by your given name when you don’t do the same!”

Azusa looked a bit put off, but she caved quickly under Saya’s stare. “Saya…” She struggled. “Would you—?”

“Of course I would! Why would I come all the way over here if I wasn’t on board?” Saya smiled, seemingly satisfied. “And Izumi!” She pointed at me and I felt my back straighten up involuntarily. “Didn’t Narumi say earlier that there are more than one Amamiya’s here! It’s confusing if you don’t call her by her name.”

I locked eyes with Azusa and my face burned up. “A-Azusa…” I stuttered helplessly under Saya’s stare. My heart skipped a beat at the small smile Azusa tried to hide. I followed her eyes to her hands as they fiddled with her half eaten orange.

“Stop giving Kou a hard time. He has a weak heart.” Kazuto laughed, setting drinks down next to the cookies.

Narumi followed soon after with a bowl of pealed oranges. “If you guys are going to work on a project then I want to help!” His smile shined brightly as he took a seat next to his sister who lightly shoved him away.

“After midterms are over, naturally.” Kazuto sat casually beside me and the whole room froze.

“Ugh!” Azusa dropped her head back on the table. “I hate exams.” She complained earning her a scolding from Saya who warned her against slacking on something so important.

I relaxed at the atmosphere even though I was sure I was most likely in the room to fail in at least one class. Even so, at least I didn’t have to worry about Azusa anymore so I might finally be able to concentrate.

We left shortly after that when Azusa’s eyelids became noticeably heavy. It was a relief. I was able to make up with her and somehow my social circle had become a little bit bigger. The excitement was bubbling up inside me as I anticipated the project to come. We had a team and I couldn’t wait to see how it was going to come together.

“I can’t believe you didn’t confess to her.” Kazuto sighed, draping an arm around my shoulders.

Saya nodded in agreement, slapping me lightly on the arm. “Yeah, Izumi! We even left you alone!”

“Confess what?!” I near shouted.

“Your undying love, duh.” Kazuto looked at me like I was the crazy one and I shrugged out of his grasp.

“I am not in love with Azusa.” I blushed as I realized my mistake. “Amamiya.”

“Don’t back track, Izumi.” Saya scolded. “You made progress. Take advantage of it.”

“I’m not in love with her.” I repeated. “I meant what I said back there. Maybe it’s selfish of me but I can’t let go of this dream and I can’t do it without Azusa. Maybe I like her…” I admitted. “But I don’t want to rush at her with something I’m not sure of.”

They exchanged glances before smiling at me. I could tell they were sticking by their thoughts, but at least they would let it go for now. At the very least I knew we all had something to look forward to after the midterms were over. So we left it at that and walked home.

As I lay in bed that night I thought I realized after that I couldn’t do anything on my own, but neither could Azusa. All of the faith I had in her and the will I had to accomplish this tall fantasy was what she lacked. Azusa was never going to put in any effort unless I did first and somehow I was okay with that. I wanted that. Maybe I was hoping that if I pushed enough, someday, she would push back.

So I don’t know what you’re going to take out of all of this, but there are a couple of things I learned. You shouldn’t expect to get more out of anything, or anyone, than you put in yourself and if you really want something you can’t expect it fall in your lap. You have to fight for it as hard as you can. You can bet that that’s what I’m going to do from now on.

So thanks for listening.

Love, Koichi.


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Book 2: Love, Karin will begin serializing in September 2016.

Comic Update: Lucy’s Tail Pg 67


Lucy likes to cause trouble for the town of Holiday where all the inhabitants are cats. So much so that she is no longer allowed to live in town. In a world inhabited only by animals, Lucy finds adventure everywhere while slowly trying to get back into the good graces of the towns people of Holiday.

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