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February 2018
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dighm liting

Ghost and Monster Page 33 on Patreon!


In a creepy town a boy named Nox is plagued by the memory of his friends gruesome suicide and the circumstances surrounding it. Now strange things happen around him all the time causing chaos in his psyche and also his love life. Suddenly a strange girl named Caedis shows up saying she wants a taste of this strange life of his. Could this be love? Or a secret agenda?


Tapastic               SmackJeeves               Dighm Liting

Louhi Bookmark Finally Done!

This took me forever. I feel like lately I’m psyching myself out of finishing art lately. Getting back into this is more difficult than I thought, but hopefully I can keep posting at least once a week. As always, thanks for the support! Also, I’ll be starting some new projects soon so keep an eye out!

Blue Diamond WIP

Trying out my new laptop by drawing Blue Diamond! I love Steven Universe, but this is definitely the first character design that I’ve really wanted to draw. I’ve always love flowy designs like this and melancholy type characters always really intrigue me. So here it is! Fresh off the new Steven Bomb! Enjoy!


Louhi Bookmark WIP

Hallo, meine laternen! I underestimated my productivity level when it comes to art. Mostly because I still have commissions and some collaborative projects to complete. I’m trying to balance that out, although I have been admittedly lazy. I’m sure you don’t need to hear my list of excuses (of which I have many) so here is a WIP of my next bookmark for Song Bird! I’m working toward a new laptop so I’ll be working a lot and you might be seeing more sketches like this instead of finished products, however I like this look and I think it makes for a fun comparison when I finish the color. I plan on making it pretty dynamic so I hope you like it.

Here’s A Bookmark From Under The Sea!

Here’s another bookmark to go with your copy of SongBird by Dighm Liting! I’ll be printing a bunch of these soon once I’m done with some more designs so look out for them! This one is the mermaids who have some of my favorite designs and I’ll be putting out some sketches soon as well.

Meanwhile, you can purchase the novel here:

Link is the New Pink Ranger??!

Lol just a reference to one of JoelTheMojo’s “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” streams. He’s playing Zelda at least every Saturday starting at 6:00 PM PST so check him out! And while your at it check out this new thumbnail I made for him. :D Link truly is the prettiest princess. So go ahead and click that Link (Pun very much intended) by clicking on the thumbnail and hit that follow button for a good time!

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