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February 2018
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The Gifted Musician

CharlieProfCharlie Howell

Age:   19              Species:   Human

Talent:   “The Gift” or the ability to see the supernatural, Playing wind instruments

Likes:   Music, Fashion, Praise, Freedom, Applause

Dislikes:   Reading, Studying, Chores, Being put on the spot

Charlie had been able to ignore the strange things she sees quite well up until high school, at the peak of her musical career. She was a prodigy on her way to Julliard until she realized that her music attracts the supernatural. As she grew and improved the monsters became stronger and more frequent when, suddenly she was attacked during a performance. Since no one else could see the monster they chalked it up to the girl having a melt down. After trying to continue her passion only to repeat this same kind of event, Charlie finally gave up music for good.

A frustrated young adult at the end of her teen years, Charlie wants to move on with her future but finds herself trapped by the world of the supernatural. She’s usually positive and laid-back, albeit lazy, but sometimes becomes melancholy and lonely when she thinks about her secrets and the things she’s missed out on because of them. She is envious of her little brother, Elliot, who seems to easily obtain the things she can’t have.

Though Charlie feels like an awkward nerd most of the time, she is very vein and loves to impress. She often dresses fashionable and comes of as cool to onlookers. That is of course until she reacts to things that no one else can see. Then she looks kind of  insane.

Hear no Evil


Age:   30              Species:   ???

Likes:   Friends, Adventure, Sailing, Good food

Dislikes:   Plans going awry, Men, Silence

The captain of a pirate crew that hates men. Hilja has sworn to rescue all women from the dirty hands of men!

Hilja is fun loving and enthusiastic. Her confidence and strength are a source of power for her crew. She always seems to know what to do so Greta assumes she doesn’t need anyone’s help, but Hilja seems to have no problem leaning on others for strength. Could it be that even pirates have some good qualities?

In her quest for ladies and treasure, she and her two best mates have been cursed. Now she seeks the song of a mermaid in order to break that curse.



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The Lazy Daydreamer



Age:   15              Species:   Human

Likes:   Folk stories, Magic, Doodling, Lazing about

Dislikes:   Chores, Responsibility, Getting scolded


The protagonist of the novel, SongBird, Greta is the twin sister of Hanno though she’s treated more like a younger sister or a daughter. She is used to ignoring her brothers undesirable attitude and demands and doesn’t mind them so much considering he takes any actual responsibility onto himself. She’s expected to act like a lady and, for the most part, does so. She’s meek and avoidant of conflict and though she is easily upset she is just as easy to cheer up.

Greta doesn’t like any form of discomfort so when she and her brother are turned into birds and forced into the life threatening trial of Tuonela she doesn’t have an easy time of it to say the least. Though Greta is childlike and polite, it is her selfishness and cowardice that ultimately traps the two of them in Tuonela.


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