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February 2018
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Comic Update: Lucy’s Tail Pg 66


Lucy likes to cause trouble for the town of Holiday where all the inhabitants are cats. So much so that she is no longer allowed to live in town. In a world inhabited only by animals, Lucy finds adventure everywhere while slowly trying to get back into the good graces of the towns people of Holiday.

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Timber in March! [Speed Drawing Video]



I had SOOOOO much trouble with this. That arm was a pain in the neck, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Timber hasn’t been introduced yet in Lucy’s Tail, but he will be in the next couple pages. UUUGHHH!! I’ll try to get them done soon!!! Dx Until then enjoy this video!


Sculpting is Fun :)


I did this years ago to see if I could and even though it came out kind of wonky I still like it. I’m thinking about attempting some products similar to this, but mostly I just wanted to post it because I found this picture and thought it was funny. xP

Lucy’s Tail Update 12.29.2014



W00t!! Such progress was made this week! I’ve got six lovely pages for you guys and I’ll also be updating Song Bird and My Ghost & My Monster soon. :) I only have one more week of break and then New Years and class preparations will probably keep me busy so yeah. I think I’ll end up with close to 100 pages for this chapter of Lucy’s Tail so I’m hoping I can get that done before summer so I can work on Energy 24/6! Thanks for the support, guys!! <3333 Remember you can follow me on Twitter @Lanternleaf for all of my updates!


Lucy’s Tail Update 12.15.14



Sorry that I’m such garbage you guys!! >.< I procrastinated a lot last week and I could say a lot came up and it wouldn’t be a lie but really I’ve just been having such terrible artist block! Well anyway, winter break is coming up so I won’t have any classes to teach for a while. Which means I’ll have a lot of time to focus on these comics!! Hopefully I can put out those pages on Energy! 24/6 I’ve been working on. >w<


Lucy Update 11-10-14



I’m back!! Still too busy for four pages, but I’ll admit I let myself be distracted in the final hours, by talking to one of my favorite artists, Salison! Well, after much procrastination I present to you the next to pages of Lucy’s Tail! I promise I’ll work harder in the future. SUCCESS IS DILIGENCE!!!


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