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February 2018
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The Gifted Musician

CharlieProfCharlie Howell

Age:   19              Species:   Human

Talent:   “The Gift” or the ability to see the supernatural, Playing wind instruments

Likes:   Music, Fashion, Praise, Freedom, Applause

Dislikes:   Reading, Studying, Chores, Being put on the spot

Charlie had been able to ignore the strange things she sees quite well up until high school, at the peak of her musical career. She was a prodigy on her way to Julliard until she realized that her music attracts the supernatural. As she grew and improved the monsters became stronger and more frequent when, suddenly she was attacked during a performance. Since no one else could see the monster they chalked it up to the girl having a melt down. After trying to continue her passion only to repeat this same kind of event, Charlie finally gave up music for good.

A frustrated young adult at the end of her teen years, Charlie wants to move on with her future but finds herself trapped by the world of the supernatural. She’s usually positive and laid-back, albeit lazy, but sometimes becomes melancholy and lonely when she thinks about her secrets and the things she’s missed out on because of them. She is envious of her little brother, Elliot, who seems to easily obtain the things she can’t have.

Though Charlie feels like an awkward nerd most of the time, she is very vein and loves to impress. She often dresses fashionable and comes of as cool to onlookers. That is of course until she reacts to things that no one else can see. Then she looks kind of  insane.

The Mysterious Foe

Souma, TakayaSoumaTakayaProf


Birthday:   10.01           Blood type:   A

Height:   187cm             Weight:   77kg

Likes:   Black, Martial arts, Family, Traditional Japanese food, Sports, Night walks

Dislikes:   Walking up early, Stubborn people, Pretentious people, Alcoholics


Takaya doesn’t really say much and obviously doesn’t like to explain himself either. He just shows up one day threatening to kick Koichi’s ass even though they’ve apparently never met before.

The only thing Koichi really knows about Takaya is that he’s on the baseball team, but doesn’t seem very passionate about it. Although with Takaya’s height and build you probably don’t need to be super passionate to be good at sports. It’s widely assumed that he’s a delinquent, but so far he hasn’t actually done anything bad.


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The Superficial Otaku

Hinamori, KazutoHinamoriKazutoProf


Birthday:   07.30           Blood type:   O

Height:   175cm             Weight:   60kg

Likes:   Digital art, PC games, Patterns, Looking cool, Dirty jokes, Girly-girls

Dislikes:   Being bullied or made fun of, Being rejected, Being alone, Deep people


Kazuto is Koichi’s best friend, probably only because they’ve known each other forever. The two bicker often and don’t have an enormous amount of things in common, but their relationship is comfortable and they both suck at making new friends. Unlike Koichi, Kazuto has no interest in people. He’d rather spend all of his time playing dating sims and watching anime.

Despite how adamant he is about not making new friends, Kazuto is one to put on a show. His vanity keeps him looking his best and acting as if he’s really interested in what you have to say, but he’ll be the first to talk about you behind you back. He knows he’s not really a good person, but honestly… he doesn’t really care.


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The Boy Lost in Stories


Izumi, Koichi


Birthday:   03.25           Blood type:   A

Height:   172cm             Weight:   62kg

Likes:   Reading, Chocolate, Cake, Playing the hero, Giving advice, Hoodies, Cooking

Dislikes:   Being scolded, Disappointing people, Bitter food, Spicy food, Formal attire


Koichi isn’t very good at making friends on account of the fact that everyone thinks he’s upset about something 24/7. He’s a little self-conscious about more than just how unhappy he looks and is easily embarrassed. He tends to lose himself in books, comic, shows, or pretty much anything with a good story and often even changes his whole lifestyle because of this.

Despite his wavering popularity with the student body, Koichi’s cute face gets him asked out a lot. A lot of those girls do so under the false pretense that he’s some badass with a heart of gold. Koichi doesn’t really know why girls find him attractive, but he decided a long time ago that he would never date a girl he wasn’t already friends with.


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The Girl with the Constant Smile

Amamiya, AzusaAmamiyaAzusaProf


Birthday:   02.09           Blood type:   B

Height:   156cm             Weight:   44kg

Likes:   Literature, People watching, Sleeping, Fashion, Cherries, Protein shakes

Dislikes:   Drama, Sugar, Nagging, Being late, Being Stalled, Dancing, Arguing


Azusa is known around school for being “insensitive” which throws people off because she comes off as being friendly and cheerful. Though she is always smiling, Azusa doesn’t seem to realize when she’s being rude and tends to alienate her classmates. Despite this she goes about her daily school life undeterred, filling the time with chores and reading in the library. She keeps a notebook with her at all times and always wears the same cherry hair-clips.

Azusa asked Koichi out at the beginning of the year and, after being rejected, proceeded to leave him be. Somehow, they keep running into each other after this, but it doesn’t seem like Azusa has any hard feelings.


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Other Characters

Ansa’s Bow


Ansa’s straightforwardness tends to rub people the wrong way but she’s a good ally to have when you’re in a pinch. She’s a crack shot and seems to know a ton of necessary information that no one else does. Despite her strong, sturdy air, she can be as elegant and beautiful as her gold laced bow and quiver.


Ansa’s Profile will be posted on 2.26.16

More about Song Bird

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The Quirky Archer


Age:   ??              Species:   ??

Likes:  Being helpful, Having a good time, Whistling, Archery

Dislikes:  Arguments, Unproductive people, Wasting time, Stupidity

Ansa is truly the Golden Girl in many different ways. Though she comes off as playful and carefree, she’s pretty no nonsense. She doesn’t like misunderstandings or pointless arguments and isn’t afraid of putting herself in the line of fire if it means solving them. That’s not to say she’s argumentative. Ansa has no problem backing out of a fight if she feels her interjection would be pointless.

Ansa is sturdy and reliable and an excellent shot. She knows a lot about Tuonela and her knowledge proved useful quite often, though no one would really like to admit it. Her straightforward and fearless attitude tends to irritate most people and her strength as a woman tends to intimidate the boys. Not that she’s concerned with any of that. Ansa’s too busy searching for something important, although it’s not entirely clear what that thing is.


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Greta’s Magic Pen


Greta finds this curious object in the midst of a bad decision but it may just help her preform one of her most virtuous actions. Magic is easiest when channeled through an instrument, they say. Laced with runes, this pen is designed to turn one object into another.


Greta’s Profile

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Captain Hilja’s Swords

Hilja is the captain of the she-pirates and a dangerous person to make an enemy out of. She wields an elegant black and gold long sword called The Black Mamba and a separating serpent-like red blade called Crotalus Ruber. (Neither names are mentioned in the book so this is more of a fun fact! :D)  Obviously Crotalus Ruber is the one on top and The Black Mamba’s on the bottom. Hilja is a single sword user so she never wields them together. The Black Mamba is for close combat and Crotalus Ruber is for long range.

I’m pretty sure they’re not the swords on her profile only because I designed them after I drew her so pay no mind to that. Another fun fact: The Black Mamba is the name of one of the the most venomous and silent killing snakes in the world while Crotalus Ruber is the name for the red rattlesnake. I chose these names for the colors of the blades, but also the amount of noise and grace they produce in battle.

Hilja’s Profile

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