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February 2018
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The Sea King



Age:   ???              Species:   Mermaid

The King of the Sea has had many forms but the woman who site on the throne now is tolerant of little. She doesn’t smile, but her people speak of her kindness often. It is said that the Sea King can see through the eyes of any creature that dwells under the water and that her magic can lift the entire ocean.

Ahti is not the first Sea King, but she has watched over the waters of Tuonela for many years. She doesn’t seem to care much about what happens on the surface, but from what we can gather, she’s quite fond of Louhi. She is the purest of the sea people and it is impossible to look her in the eye and tell a lie.


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The Amicable Ex Girlfriend

EnProf_KarinMinami, Karin


Birthday:   06.08           Blood type:   O

Height:   148cm             Weight:   43kg

Likes:   Hamburgers, Playing with kids, Boots, Martial arts, Making people uncomfortable

Dislikes:   Strong willed people, Vegetables, Rich people, Cold places


Karin is admittedly a bit of an instigator. She likes bad boys and can hold her own in intense situations. Growing up poor has given her a strong will, but her envious nature makes her unwilling to deal with other strong willed people. If it were up to her she would never have to work hard at anything, but Karin knows all too well that that’s not how the world works.

Karin is Koichi’s ex girlfriend who may have gotten an impression of him that wasn’t quite right. She likes to tease him about his nerdiness and has a bad habit of acting like she’s above people. She comes off as very cool and a bit mysterious but Karin knows she has an unattractive personality. Her good point is that she’s honest and excellent at observing. She’s dependable and a good friend to have in a pinch, but the company she keeps is questionable.


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The Meddling Little Brother

Amamiya, NarumiEnProf_Narumi


Birthday:   02.26           Blood type:   B

Height:   167cm             Weight:   58kg

Likes:   Cooking, Air fresheners, Medicine, Studying, Puzzle games

Dislikes:   Drama, Going outside, Messes, Being late, Being stalled, Out of place objects

Azusa’s little brother, Narumi is in his first year of High School and on the road to accomplishing the goals that Azusa has given up on. His mother is heavily invested in his future and Narumi is up for the challenge. He’s cheerful and headstrong and not afraid to do what it takes to forward his agenda, though sometimes he can come off as pushy.

Narumi is a bit of a homebody, but he’s used to having to do things he doesn’t want to do. He’s very diligent and disciplined and nothing seems to bother him. He enjoys joking and doesn’t feel that bad about putting people in uncomfortable positions if he feels that it’s best for them. According to Narumi, he always knows best.


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See no Evil


Age:   16              Species:   ???

Likes:   Fighting, Thrill, Freedom, Naps

Dislikes:   Anything that’s not fun, Being bored, Being told what to do by anyone but Hilja

Sade knows she’s not a leader and is willing to devote herself to her captain, but ultimately the most important thing to her is freedom. She’s young and thin, but what she lacks in body mass she makes up for in bloodlust.

She doesn’t waste time with trivial things like goals. She just goes with the flow and fights when she can. Though this part of her makes her pretty scary, she’s always down to have fun and is surprisingly thoughtful and reliable to those she cares for.

Like Hilja and Esa, Sade has fallen pray to a curse, taking away her sight. Also like them, it doesn’t seems to inhibit her, though every now and then she seems to be going in the wrong direction.



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The Lost Swordsman


Age:   17              Species:   Human

Likes:   Swords, Power, Trust, Agreeable people

Dislikes:   Cheap losses/victories, Prideful people, Feeling guilty, Losing things

Unlike everyone else Hanno has encountered, Paavali doesn’t seem to have any knowledge of magic. In fact, aside from his strangely colored hair, he seems to be entirely human. Because of this he’s underestimated, but that’s a mistake. Paavali is a skilled swordsman who knows the importance of teamwork. Perhaps Hanno could learn a thing or two from him.

He’s generally good-natured with a strong sense of honor, but Paavali doesn’t like putting up with irritating or disagreeable people. He likes things to be simple and stressful situations make him annoyed. Though he can be playful, he finds himself in the position to be serious more often than not.

Paavali doesn’t remember much about how he got where he is, but he knows that he’s chasing someone or something. He seems to be satisfied with the idea that he’ll know what it it when he finds it, but something about Hanno makes him think about whether or not that’s really okay.



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The Holder of Secrets: Character Concept Batch One

Butterfly Character Batch 1


Alright! I’m using Celtic symbolism for my second book so FUN FACT TIME!!! In celtic culture the symbolism is as follows:

Swan: Vanity, Grace, & Beauty

Willow Tree: Inspired Imagination

Fox: Passion, Fun, Ambition, & Drive

Quail: Caution & Awareness

Along with these characters I’ll have a deer, owl, Salmon, Wren, Crow, and then of course the two main characters are a Dragon and a Butterfly. And unlike SongBird there will be romance in this one! I’m working up to my master plan of writing the greatest romance novel EVAR!! More soon!! Maybe some animations! I did this for practice, but it needs like four more frames to be complete. I’m too lazy to do that right now. xD This is Nova, the main character and narrator of The Holder of Secrets. I’ll be posting picks of her and Aisling sometime after I establish an actual update schedule which I’ll post in the sidebar.


I have been drawing for SongBird too though! I’m totally not jumping the gun with this new story. I’ll be posting new profiles for them and uploading new character art so that means I’ll be deleting the old ones since the new ones will be a bit different. As stories do, this one has evolved, so info will change. I’ll also be posting new songs so look out for that. :)




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