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February 2018
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The Sea King



Age:   ???              Species:   Mermaid

The King of the Sea has had many forms but the woman who site on the throne now is tolerant of little. She doesn’t smile, but her people speak of her kindness often. It is said that the Sea King can see through the eyes of any creature that dwells under the water and that her magic can lift the entire ocean.

Ahti is not the first Sea King, but she has watched over the waters of Tuonela for many years. She doesn’t seem to care much about what happens on the surface, but from what we can gather, she’s quite fond of Louhi. She is the purest of the sea people and it is impossible to look her in the eye and tell a lie.


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The Amicable Ex Girlfriend

EnProf_KarinMinami, Karin


Birthday:   06.08           Blood type:   O

Height:   148cm             Weight:   43kg

Likes:   Hamburgers, Playing with kids, Boots, Martial arts, Making people uncomfortable

Dislikes:   Strong willed people, Vegetables, Rich people, Cold places


Karin is admittedly a bit of an instigator. She likes bad boys and can hold her own in intense situations. Growing up poor has given her a strong will, but her envious nature makes her unwilling to deal with other strong willed people. If it were up to her she would never have to work hard at anything, but Karin knows all too well that that’s not how the world works.

Karin is Koichi’s ex girlfriend who may have gotten an impression of him that wasn’t quite right. She likes to tease him about his nerdiness and has a bad habit of acting like she’s above people. She comes off as very cool and a bit mysterious but Karin knows she has an unattractive personality. Her good point is that she’s honest and excellent at observing. She’s dependable and a good friend to have in a pinch, but the company she keeps is questionable.


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The Meddling Little Brother

Amamiya, NarumiEnProf_Narumi


Birthday:   02.26           Blood type:   B

Height:   167cm             Weight:   58kg

Likes:   Cooking, Air fresheners, Medicine, Studying, Puzzle games

Dislikes:   Drama, Going outside, Messes, Being late, Being stalled, Out of place objects

Azusa’s little brother, Narumi is in his first year of High School and on the road to accomplishing the goals that Azusa has given up on. His mother is heavily invested in his future and Narumi is up for the challenge. He’s cheerful and headstrong and not afraid to do what it takes to forward his agenda, though sometimes he can come off as pushy.

Narumi is a bit of a homebody, but he’s used to having to do things he doesn’t want to do. He’s very diligent and disciplined and nothing seems to bother him. He enjoys joking and doesn’t feel that bad about putting people in uncomfortable positions if he feels that it’s best for them. According to Narumi, he always knows best.


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The New Hire


Age:   24              Species:   Human

D.O.B.:   11.30              Job:   Pre-K Teacher in Training

Likes:  Death metal, Dubstep, Loud noises, Thrill rides, Extremely violent and difficult video games

Dislikes: When people get overly concerned about stuff that isn’t really a big deal

Neco interns at Leto’s Kindergarten but originally he had planned to go into higher education. So far it’s unclear whether he really wants to work with children despite his convincing argument that he does. He’s pretty short, but it doesn’t seem to bother him since he’s mostly around kids anyway.

Neco comes off as bubbly most of the time and seems to be able to find the good in everything. For the most part he tries to be positive and for this reason he doesn’t have an enormous amount of patience for overly negative people. Although you’d never know he’s annoyed since he keeps most of his thoughts to himself. He doesn’t like to be fussed over. Especially since he seems to give off this air of someone who needs to be worried about.

Despite his social disposition, Neco doesn’t like being around people and isn’t very easy to get to know. He doesn’t like to talk about himself and is an expert at redirecting the conversation, but he does make a great effort to keep the conversation going. He doesn’t care for silence. He spends a majority of his time with headphones in or with a handheld game, but he has no problem putting either down to join in the fun if you ask him.


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The Mysterious Guide



Age:   ??              Species:   Sorcerer

Likes:   Explaining things, Kind-hearted people, Children

Dislikes:   Bratty behavior, Feeling helpless

Alfons is a ferryman of Louhi’s trial, much like Charon. His purpose is to help humans through the dangerous world of Tuonela. He tried to be detached and cold, but he’s not very good at it. Even though he seems to get irritated easily, it’s hard to take him seriously when he looks the way that he does, not to mention he has a particularly soft voice.

Alfons does what he can to help Greta, but she turns out to be more rebellious than he expects. What do you do when all you can offer is advice? I suppose you just hope that someone takes it.

Not much is known about Alfons’s past except that he was once a man. It can be safely assumed that, like all sorcerers, he comes from the sea. He often defends Louhi though he also doesn’t seem to outright agree with her. He’s good at giving advice, but he’s definitely not a leader. Alfons seems trustworthy for the most part, but it’s not guaranteed that he’s telling the whole truth.


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The Lazy Daydreamer



Age:   15              Species:   Human

Likes:   Folk stories, Magic, Doodling, Lazing about

Dislikes:   Chores, Responsibility, Getting scolded


The protagonist of the novel, SongBird, Greta is the twin sister of Hanno though she’s treated more like a younger sister or a daughter. She is used to ignoring her brothers undesirable attitude and demands and doesn’t mind them so much considering he takes any actual responsibility onto himself. She’s expected to act like a lady and, for the most part, does so. She’s meek and avoidant of conflict and though she is easily upset she is just as easy to cheer up.

Greta doesn’t like any form of discomfort so when she and her brother are turned into birds and forced into the life threatening trial of Tuonela she doesn’t have an easy time of it to say the least. Though Greta is childlike and polite, it is her selfishness and cowardice that ultimately traps the two of them in Tuonela.


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The Strict Older Brother


Age:   15              Species:   Human

Likes:   Knowledge, Power, Inventing, Experimenting

Dislikes:   Being looked down on, Childish things, Disorder


The protagonist of the novel SongBird, Hanno spends his days trying to impress his very critical father and trying to motivate his very lazy twin sister, Greta. Hanno is a pale, freckled teenager who prizes strength of mind over strength of body which puts him at a disadvantage when he becomes trapped in a magical world that required him to go through great lengths in order to achieve his goals. He wears a seemingly permanent scowl and, according to his sister, has a storm behind his eyes at all times. He’s incredibly ambitious and proud and, though he strives to be a great man, can be rude, controlling, and standoffish. He tends to irritate most people, but Greta knows he means well.

As the story progresses, Hanno travels through the strange world of Tuonela guided by a mysterious shape shifting cat named Charon who calls himself a ferryman. He must learn to accept himself and others as they are and to let go of his outrageous pride. On his way he meets a number of people including a cursed swordsman, a band of gypsies, and an annoyingly spirited archer!


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Welcoming 2016 with a Trade!

Radera and Ezmon

LOL Salison and I decided in like JULY last year that we would do this art trade and idk how it’s already 2016, but HERE IT IS!! SAL’s characters, Radera and Ezmon, who you can see more of on her Tumblr! I had so much fun with this even though I’m pretty sure the clothes are like 1234% incorrect. lololol

My first post of the year which also marks the beginning of my 100 days of posts! Hopefully I can stick to my guns this year! Wish me luck!


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