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February 2018
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Louhi Bookmark WIP

Hallo, meine laternen! I underestimated my productivity level when it comes to art. Mostly because I still have commissions and some collaborative projects to complete. I’m trying to balance that out, although I have been admittedly lazy. I’m sure you don’t need to hear my list of excuses (of which I have many) so here is a WIP of my next bookmark for Song Bird! I’m working toward a new laptop so I’ll be working a lot and you might be seeing more sketches like this instead of finished products, however I like this look and I think it makes for a fun comparison when I finish the color. I plan on making it pretty dynamic so I hope you like it.

Happy Birthday, Leto!

Today is my sons birthday! LOL Don’t freak out, fam. I mean my character, Leto, from my comic My Ghost & My Monster, which I’ve been working almost non-stop on since the new year started! If I went out of my way to do something for all of my characters’ birthdays it’d be the only thing I ever do because there’s so many, but Leto is very special to me and his birthday is close to mine so I had the time. :3 Well, I don’t have much else to say about that except for, Happy BDay my precious cinnamon roll! Mama loves you!!! <3333



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The New Hire


Age:   24              Species:   Human

D.O.B.:   11.30              Job:   Pre-K Teacher in Training

Likes:  Death metal, Dubstep, Loud noises, Thrill rides, Extremely violent and difficult video games

Dislikes: When people get overly concerned about stuff that isn’t really a big deal

Neco interns at Leto’s Kindergarten but originally he had planned to go into higher education. So far it’s unclear whether he really wants to work with children despite his convincing argument that he does. He’s pretty short, but it doesn’t seem to bother him since he’s mostly around kids anyway.

Neco comes off as bubbly most of the time and seems to be able to find the good in everything. For the most part he tries to be positive and for this reason he doesn’t have an enormous amount of patience for overly negative people. Although you’d never know he’s annoyed since he keeps most of his thoughts to himself. He doesn’t like to be fussed over. Especially since he seems to give off this air of someone who needs to be worried about.

Despite his social disposition, Neco doesn’t like being around people and isn’t very easy to get to know. He doesn’t like to talk about himself and is an expert at redirecting the conversation, but he does make a great effort to keep the conversation going. He doesn’t care for silence. He spends a majority of his time with headphones in or with a handheld game, but he has no problem putting either down to join in the fun if you ask him.


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Don’t Ask About the Ears


Age:   ??              Species:   Human?

D.O.B.:   04.14              Job:   Cashier

Likes:  Eating, Sweets, Eavesdropping, Cats, Comic books

Dislikes: Mice, Dogs, Birds, Bugs, Scary customers, High school girls

Ruo works as a cashier at Gula Bakery, where Nox is the head Patissiere. Even though they get along well at work they don’t know too much about each other, but Ruo has implied on several occasions that she is the daughter of the owner. She’s a bit heavy set and doesn’t seem too concerned about over indulging on sweets as she often volunteers to be Nox’s taste tester. She doesn’t have any ambitions beyond working at her parents bakery but she seems to be too lazy to care about that despite Nox’s insistence that she go to college.

Even though Ruo is pretty skittish around people she always seems to know whats going on around town. She’s very aware of peoples emotions and has exceptional luck but she doesn’t make too much of an effort to help people out when she can and gets scared pretty easily.

Oh, and you may be wondering about the cat ears. Don’t.



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The Unlikely Humanitarian


Age:   27              Species:   Human

D.O.B.:   01.31              Job:   Pre-K Teacher

Likes:  Kids shows, Sleeping, Doodling, Complaining, Making music, Giving advice

Dislikes: Listening to adults complain, Rich people

Like his sister, Leto has been known to be pretty dramatic, although he’s far more level headed. He generally acts lazy, but takes the time to work out, probably out of vanity than anything else. A contradictory person to the core, Leto doesn’t bother dressing well in favor of comfort. He probably just thinks he hot enough the rock anything.

Leto likes to treat most things as a joke, but he’s very serious about his job. Even though he started out as a music major and was on the road to be a successful musician in college, he changed his mind half way through and majored in child psychology. Even Nox isn’t really sure why the sudden change of mind, but Leto seems happy enough. Some of his friends and family chalk it up to Leto’s quitter mentality but he brushed them off every time.

Even though Leto doesn’t like listening to people complain, he is very sensitive to peoples feelings. He’s more inclined to check up on you and coddle you when you don’t ask for it since, in his opinion, it’s really obnoxious when you do ask for it. He tends to mother people unintentionally which can be really irritating to some.


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The Ghost That Loves Him


Age:   XX              Species:   Ghost

D.O.B.:   03.07              Job:   Haunting Nox

Likes:  Being in love, Getting gifts, Stained glass, Listening to music

Dislikes: High energy people, feeling embarrassed

Even when she was alive, Scelus was a dreary person. Scel, as most people call her, is a very dramatic and sensitive person who seemed to be constantly having an existential crisis. She tends to go intervals of obsessing over love and claiming she doesn’t need anyone.

Her relationship with her brother, Leto, was very strained. Similar to her mood, there relationship was all over the place. Sometimes they were inseparable and other times they couldn’t even be in the same room. Scel was the type of person that brings that out in people.

Unknown to most, Scel showed an interest in magic and the supernatural that was obsessive like most of her interests. Though Leto claims she would have found any reason to do it, Scel chose to kill herself in front of the boy she supposedly loved after he rejected her. Somehow these two things have kept her from moving on.


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The Monster That Loves Him


Age:   21              Species:   ???

D.O.B.:   06.13              Job:   Paranormal Investigator

Likes:  Violence, Having fun, Spending money, Getting compliments

Dislikes: Being bored, Wimpy/timid people, Being talked down to

Caedis shows up out of no where one day and imposes herself onto Nox’s “interesting” life. She doesn’t give away any details about her past or her strange powers, but she’s obviously not entirely human. Losing an arm doesn’t seem to faze her as she just sews it back on and she’s somehow able to summon weapons out of nowhere.

Somehow Caedis makes money off of the supernatural occurrences around Nox’s strange town, but she blows through it so fast that she’s always broke.

Caedis is a speak first think later type of person and this lands her in a lot of trouble, but she doesn’t really care what her standing is with people. She doesn’t seem to get along well with others or understand much about bonds, but she never said she wasn’t willing to learn. After all she’s pretty stuck on being Nox’s girlfriend.

She doesn’t seem to have a home and prefers to sleep under the stars, but this causes a lot of issues for Nox since Caedis tends to take her clothes off when she sleeps and that’s generally frowned upon when you’re outdoors.


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The Boy Haunted by Love


Age:   25              Species:   Human

D.O.B.:   05.18              Job:   Pastry Chef

Likes:  Monotonous tasks, Baking, Peaceful walks, Dating

Dislikes: Cooking Entrees, Being put on the spot

The protagonist of My Ghost & My Monster, Nox is haunted by the memory of his friends gruesome suicide. Along with nightmares and guilt he’s faced with the strange supernatural events that take place whenever he goes on dates. It seems that whatever is haunting him doesn’t want him to have a love life.

Nox is a gentleman and generally good natured person. Because of this people tend to think he’s a pushover but he’s surprisingly tenacious and doesn’t like to put up with childish behavior.

He’s always loved sweets and baking and has worked his whole life to be right where he is as a Pastry Chef at his favorite childhood bakery. Even though he’s accomplished his dream he’s always thinking about the next step, but it’s hard to think about the future when you’re stuck in the past.

Lately a mysterious girl has shown up in Nox’s life that seems to know a lot more about his unusual circumstances that he does. Maybe she can solve his problems and he can finally move on.


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Ghost & Monster Update 1.11.16



In a creepy town a boy named Nox is plagued by the memory of his friends gruesome suicide and the circumstances surrounding it. Now strange things happen around him all the time causing chaos in his psyche and also his love life. Suddenly a strange girl named Caedis shows up saying she wants a taste of this strange life of his. Could this be love? Or a secret agenda?

My Ghost & My Monster is Updated Every Monday.


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