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February 2018
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Caedis’s Weapon choices!

So earlier this month I made a post about Caedis’s fighting style in which I briefly mentioned that she can turn any object into a weapon. Let me elaborate on that!

In the illustration below we see Caedis with boxing gloves that are similar to the ones shown in the cover art for Love is Violence, which I did in the spur of the moment before I had really decided what I was going to do. It’s likely that in the chapter her gloves will end up looking like those instead of the ones in this pic and here’s why. Caedis has the power to turn any object into a weapon of her choice which she can transform at any time. These weapons become stronger depending on how much sentimental value the object has. Caedis doesn’t really own anything but the clothes on her back so they are the most sentimental things she has and so she tends to turn articles of clothing into weapons. In this picture, she’s turned her shirt into boxing gloves, but I’m thinking in the chapter she’ll probably use her shoes just because that makes more sense since there’s two of them.

SO! Now that that’s established, I’ll try not to spoil my plans and tell you what effect this has on the story and relationships. But I will say that I’ll be having fun with this by making her use as many different weapons as possible! So I’ll be posting some pics of Caedis using a bunch of different weapons. ^^ Look forward to it!


Caedis’s Fighting Style!


My Ghost & My Monster is reaching the finale of chapter one, aptly named “Love is Violence”! I’m excited about this because so far there’s been no REAL reason for the rating in my opinion besides that suicide is a touchy subject for a lot of people. For me, this story is cathartic is the sense that I get to talk about all the things that I am restricted from talking about without holding back. I think I’m a lot darker of a person than most of my friends and family believe me to be and with G&M I’m able to express that.

Anyway, without getting into all of that, basically shit is about to get messy and, in all honesty, I haven’t been entirely sure how I want Caedis to fight until now! But I’ve figured it out and here is my first pic of her!

Caedis’s fighting style will default to kickboxing, but her power is that she can turn any object into a weapon. I’ll elaborate more on that in the next couple of weeks but for now all you need to know is that she will literally be kicking ass pretty soon. Look forward to it!

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