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February 2018
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Jonah in August!


Edit: I added Jonah’s tail because I felt like it wasn’t obvious enough that he’s a lion. I also realized that he was supposed to be on the other side of the canvas to go in the pattern with the rest of them, but that’s pretty much impossible to fix. LOL Leave it to Jonah to throw off the whole order of everything. You guys will see soon what a tard he is. Anyway, if I find other things wrong with this I’ll fix it when I do the touch ups for the completed calendar.


I did this one really quickly because I completely forgot about these so there are a ton of mistakes that I intend to go back and fix eventually, but in the mean time, here you go! Jonah is one of my favorites and he’ll be very important later and at the end of this chapter if I ever get around to finishing it. lol Well that’s all I have time for. Bye, bye. :)

Summer Energy


Sorry if these colors are blindingly bright. I was experimenting. lol. I wanted to try something summery! I never really get into summer since I don’t really like it and I prefer drawing winter clothes so this is my attempt at something I don’t normally do and also since it’s summer at this point in the story! ^^ Can’t wait until these two become a bit closer. Sorry it’s so slowburn, but I wanted their relationship to develop at least a little realistically. xD

Danny in June [Speed Drawing Video]

This picture gave me so much trouble. I forgot to turn my fan on and my computer overheated and shut down when I was nearly done! T.T I had to do the shading over and as a result there’s quite a large chunk of video missing from when I did the background and the guitar strings. I was so mad. Anyway, I’m happy with how this came out. Danny is a black cat and he brings bad luck wherever he goes, but he’s very laid back and it doesn’t bother him. Probably because it really only ever causes everyone else problems and not him. lol I wanted his fur to look kind of messy and frayed but it just looks fluffy. Oh well, that’s fine too. xP Also, drawing a guitar is hard!! I’ll have to get used to it since he always has one. I’ll also have to design a more personal looking one for him to carry around, but this is acceptable for now. So you can click here to read the story, though Danny isn’t in it yet and probably won’t be for a while! Dx Sorry. He’s just not part of the plot yet and I don’t want to flood the characters in unnecessarily so you’ll have to wait a few chapters.



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