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February 2018
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Little Witch WIP

Got a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and I’ve been playing with MediBang Paint. Loving it so far. A little difficult to use compared to the real deal, but I’m pleased with the lineart.

There are some calibration issues with the pen. I’ve tried three or four apps including ibisPaint X which I feel had more calibration issues. While MediBang Paint has the most features, including pen pressure, which I’m still getting the hang of, it lacks an option to adjust brushes. ibisPaint X does give you that option, but despite this I still personally prefer the former.

Anyway I’ll update again after the coloring. My birthday is the day before school starts again! #excited! PS this was inspired by Little Witch Academia.

Old Bones

I heard cheers
when my words were innocent
But I live on common sense
And now my innocence is spent

Your eyes glare
Saying go back to your old ways
When your cheeks weren’t hollow
But now I have an old face

Life is dark
But I don’t have time to show this
I’m surprised you’ve yet to notice
Guess you can’t see passed your noses

I’m alright
Now that all I am is bone
Now my fangs are always bared
And I strive to be alone

Once you’ve grown
You can join me underground
Where they’ve buried us alive
So they can ignore the sound

Publishing & New Novels

So I have a million plans for future books but as I’ve stated before I’m writing The Holder Of Secrets next. This novel will also be a stand alone as I am still honing my skills for the trilogy I’ve been planning. But that’s neither here nor there.

The Holder of Secrets will follow Nova, a young woman who can hear the secrets of peoples past and Aisling, a mysterious girl who claims to be a dragon. It’s another fantasy story but this one will start in the real world and focus on Celtic folklore instead of Finnish.

Here are some supporting characters you may have seen in earlier posts. Sorry this is basically all recapping. I’ll have more stuff next week. I just spoke with my manager today and as it turns out my schedule for Songbird has been pushed back so I won’t be releasing it until 2017. But on the bright side I’ve made some awesome edits and I’m very happy with how everything is turning out so to celebrate I plan on drawing some new pics! So look forward to that!

That’s all for now! As always, thanks for the support! <333

Energy! 24/6 Book 2 Promo


Book One is finally finished! Sorry that it’s going to be quite a while before Book Two starts, but I need time to meet a deadline so I won’t be able to start it right away. In the mean time I will try to continue posting pics and I’ll be posting Karin’s profile next week. Karin will be the protagonist of Book Two which will be told through her point of view. I don’t remember what I wrote when I first announced the layout, but I have changed a few things so this will be the new setup.

Minami Karin is Izumi Koichi’s ex-girlfriend. While they are on good terms, Karin has definitely made Koichi very particular about how he starts relationships. The story will backtrack to cover how they met and what their relationship was like then briefly address Karin’s feelings as she’s observed Koichi’s interest in Azusa since they started second year. Souma Takaya will also return! I haven’t forgotten about him! Takaya is Karin’s childhood friend and her story will reveal why he has a grudge against Koichi and where they will all move from there as well as the progression of Koichi and Azusa’s relationship from the point of view of an observer.

Okay! That’s all you get for now! I’ll try to release more art soon, but I will also be preoccupied with some commissions and art I will be doing for a VN! I’m excited about that and will reveal more in the future! :) Fare well, all.

Song Bird Illustrations

I updated the Song Bird image gallery and added the new cover and a bunch of illustrations since the eBook doesn’t have any. :) Not all of the illustrations are there, though. I still want some surprises for my special edition! x3

Anyway here are a few of my favs and you can click here to see the rest!

Chp0-1 prt2-1 Chp6 prt4-1

Magick Stuff on Etsy!

I opened up an Etsy shop a while back and, to my surprise, my magick stuff actually sells pretty well! ^^ So I thought I’d make a post here about it so ya’ll can check it out. My goal is to only sell Magickal items, but I do have some anime/manga related things on there as well which is just about everything on my shop page. (Shirts mostly) So here are a couple images of things I sell. The image will link you to my shop which you can also find on my navigation bar. I’d appreciate it if you take a look or share! :)

da copy

100 Days of Posting


I’m starting a plan to get back on track! Starting January 1st I’ll be posting every day for 100 days whether it be a simple sketch, a character profile, or a story update.

It’s taken me a year, but I’ve finally finished my novel, SongBird, and while I proofread and format it I’ll be taking my extra time to get back into updating. Since winter break is now here I’ll have the rest of the year to work on stories and I’m hoping to get back into my comics and finally finish the first chapter of Lucy’s Tail as well as My Ghost & My Monster!! I’m excited to get back to them, but I’m also extremely out of practice… Dx So I’m hoping that sketches and mini comics will help me to get back into the grove of things.

Another update! After completing SongBird (which is a bit over 86,000 words long) I’ve realized that I’m terrible at writing short stories! xP I’d like to get better at that, so I’ve started a new project called Kléronomos (κληρονόμος; Pronounced: klay-ron-om’-os; the Ancient Greek word for Legacy). Kléronomos will be a series of short stories focused on a girl named Charlie who is fascinated by the supernatural world that only she seems to see and a feathered wyvern named Mr. Sofus who is given to her by her grandfather. I’ll also be writing Energy 24/6 again in the same format which will basically mimic a light novel in style. The difference between these stories is that Energy 24/6 will be free to read here on my website and wherever else I post it and Kléronomos will be published as an eBook. The first half of book one will be available here to read, though.

I also want to do more advertisement for SongBird and though I’m still unsure about how I want to publish it, I will be posting the first part here on my website along with art and character profiles. I’m hoping that with enough advertisement it’ll become popular enough for me to do something cool with it or at least get advice about what direction to go. As of now I don’t want to simply publish an eBook. Even though I’m considering that as an option this story has become so important to me and I really want to do something special. I’m considering starting a kickstarter campaign so that I can publish it along with an art book and an album of 13 songs which was my original plan, but we’ll see.

Well, I think that’s enough of me for now… Check back tomorrow for more updates!!


My Phone’s Camera. My GOSH!!

It’s better than my digital camera! Look at this!! I updated my Portfolio to have a photography section so you can check out the rest, but here are a few. My Nokia Lumia  has Photoshop on it and my pictures come out pretty cool looking. The photos were taken all down the walking trail behind my house and the person in the pics are my sister. :)




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