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February 2018
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Artist Feature: Ranqi Li

Ranqi Li

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Ranqi Li, or Rain as she’s also called, is a very talented artist that I’m excited to show you all! I can feel her dedication from the way she made an effort to put her best foot forward for this feature. As usual I gave a short interview in which Rain gave me some pretty in depth answers! I’ve posted more of her art beneath the interview so check her out!

What are your goals as an artist?

I would say most aspirant to intermediate artists share similar goals. I sometimes worry about my future, and hope that I will be able to bring enough on the table as an artist. Despite all that, and say I’m at industry-standard level without many issues whatsoever; I may then have real goals.
During my high school time, a teacher once told me that it’s very common to change majors in college, and a number between 6 to 8 is usual. I did not believe it, because it just sounds so ridiculous. I thought to myself, “why would I give up something so dearly to me?” Funny thing is that, we all grow up, and things change. My goals changed from animator, 3D animator, 3D modeler, rigger, storyboard artist, illustrator, to concept artist. I never knew there were so many different sections under the “Art major”.
After all these nonsense, I hope my intention is clear. I no longer dream to work for Disney, Dreamwork, Pixar, etc. Nor want to make a game, being a part of animated movie, and make comic books. Before I get to where I need to be, nothing is worth mentioning. All that said, Let’s work hard together.

Are there any projects you’re working on?

yes, I’m working to get some finished character concept arts done. I also like drawing (and watching) anime very much, so I will always have that part going on during my free time. For the other times, I will have random illustrations that come from nowhere.

Why do you want more viewers and what do you feel you have to offer your audience?

I do want more viewers, but at the same time I don’t. I feel like there are just things we should not force. It’s slow, but I can definitely see the progress on viewers and my art skill. I don’t usually offer people stuff, well in some cases I do. I get requests for tutorials, but I feel like I should not make them until I really know what I’m doing.

How often do you update and how serious are you about your art?

I try to not slack off, but my updates are still random between a week to a month. Some projects take a long time, I have to keep fixing and twisting things. I’m really strict about my drawings, so they are usually good quality.

What are your biggest influences?

My childhood anime series such as Sailor Moon, SlamDunk, and Cardcaptor Sakura. I then get really into video games and MMOs, so anime and video games. (maybe I should add cup-of-noodles)

Artist Feature: Redsplendence


“If I can make people who see my art happy or aspire to improve or some such, that’d be grand!”

Redsplendence is a hobby artist with a great gallery! We had a short interview where Red gave me an “I do this for fun” vibe, but their unique and beautiful style suggests much practice. As an artist who’s surrounded by other artists, Red says their biggest influences are their friends. Though Red has many projects and webcomics, they would not divulge any spoilers. Guess you’ll have to follow Red to see what they come up with next!

Red on DeviantART                   Red on Tumblr


Artist Feature: Parasite-Z


“First and foremost, I’m a storyteller”

Z on Tumblr                      Z on Twitter

What are your goals as an artist?

I would like to inspire creative thinking. I like creating big worlds with species, monsters, races, religions and everything in between, though up to this point I’m a bit secretive with my worlds because I would like to really make an impact with my work. I’ve always wanted to be a novelist and I would love to also be able to illustrate companion images to my stories that perfectly project what I see inside my head.

Are there any projects you’re working on?

I almost always have projects going on with friends as well as solo projects. My two solo projects at the moment are Gutless and After10. Gutless is a novel that I’d love to eventually bring to life as a visual novel as well, while After10 is strictly comic. After10 is my pet project to launch into more serious comics as it’s a shorter story consisting of only 10 chapters (2 volumes) that is strictly following character development.

Why do you want more viewers and what do you feel you have to offer your audience?

Honestly, I don’t think more viewers is exactly what I want, rather I would love to be able to share stories with people that are genuinely interested. First and foremost, I’m a storyteller. My art brings another element to my stories. If you’d like content steeped in plot, then by all means, I have a love for my stories that I would love to share with you.

How often do you update and how serious are you about your art?

Depending on how much I work and what’s going on in personal life, I sometimes update frequently to once a month. But if you follow me across multiple social media sites, you’re bound to get more frequent updates. I’m extremely serious about my art. I fully intend to indie publish After10 as well as launch it as a webcomic.

What are your biggest influences?

My biggest influences are Nakamura Asumiko, Alphonse Mucha, pigeon666, Skopt, MediaViolence, CosmicSpectrumm and a LOT of 90s anime/manga. (haha)

Check out Z’s Art on DeviantART:





Feature [Arnar the Writer]

Arnar H. Önnuson

[Purchase Gunnveig’s Saga Here]

What are your goals?

To bring stories to those that might not often have any. As an English-speaking white guy, I can get away wit a lot of things, and that kind power has to be used responsibly. I recently helped bring a character called Gunfist into the public domain since she was a disabled Hispanic character, I decided to run a few ads through Facebook in Mexico and Honduras, and I found that people there feel in love with her. It wasn’t just that they loved the design, or that the creator, Arthur Asa, was Hispanic himself, but also that Hispanic people as a whole have a bit of a history of not being portrayed well. So to see such a wonderful character brought to them, with the idea that they could freely create their own stories with it, was a fresh breath of air for them. That is my goal, that’s what I want to do with people around the world, for the rest of my life: Help them feel that their stories, in some way, is out there.

Are there any projects you’re working on?

Currently I’m working on a comic book called Gunnveig’s Saga, which is a viking drama about young woman that sets out to murder her brother out of revenge. It’s a comic I’ve been working on for several years, I’m publishing it through WP Comics, and I’ve got the lovely illustrator Melissa Nettleship with me on it, who does a great job of bringing the art to life. The first issue came out the 18th of February, and if you’re interested, I’ve got a link to order a digital or physical copy right up now. Other than that, I’m currently working on about half a dozen comics, as well as acting as a content producer on Littlepea and Sydney, a soon-to-be webshow and webcomic.

Why do you want more viewers and what do you feel you have to offer your audience?

I’m not inherently going to pretend that I’m a purehearted saint, I’d like more viewers because I’d like to do this for a living. However, I also feel that I have a lot to offer; I try my best to make impactful, thoughtful, humane stories that feature POC’s, LGBT+ people, international cultures and so forth. Already I’ve got comics in the works from places like Vietnam, Iceland and Detroit, and the list will only grow from there. I also give editorial and writing advice on a near daily basis, and for the time being would love to review some comic or prose material from any young enthusiast trying to better themselves.

How often do you update and how serious are you about your craft?

I’m very serious about this, and I intend to make this my personal career. I work every day on this, and I do mean literally every day. It’s incredibly tough to even be able to make a living off of comic book making, and so I try hard to maintain an audience that appreciates the content I make. My updates on Twitter are highly irregular, but it’s a bad week for me if I don’t get at a post up on Facebook.

What are your biggest influences?

Neil Gaiman and Dave Mckean, hands down. When Neil was a child, he primarily wanted to make American comics, and despite being best known as a novelist with Coraline and Stardust, his majority body of work is indeed comic books. As for Dave, those creepy little illustrations in Coraline were made by him, and the first work they ever made together was Neil Gaiman’s first graphic novel, Violent Cases. Those two provide me with endless bouts of inspirations, which I hope I can one day return to others.

Here are some unlettered pages from Gunnveig’s Saga

Learn more by following Arnar H. Önnuson on social media!

Arnar on Facebook

Arnar on Twitter


And check out some of the artists that collaborate with Arnar!

Alexandra Duma               The Drown

Sydney Biganski                 Quizzical Quarks

Artist Feature [Uszaty Arbuz]

Uszaty Arbuz

“Eared Watermelon”

Uszaty Arbuz is an amazing artist and, though her art is very different from mine, I am very excited to feature her here on my website. :D I asked her a series of questions for which she gave very detailed answers so I decided I would post the whole interview here instead of paraphrasing as I usually do. So here it is:


What are your goals as an artist?

It won’t be a surprise, if I say that my main goal is to be good enough, so I would be able to earn for living only by making art. There is nothing better than to be able to earn money for a living with doing what one truly loves, because that’s one of the things that makes people happy in their lives. And creating art is such thing for me.

Out of ‘smaller’ goals is to create and publish calendars. It has been my tiny dream for a couple of months now, on which I’m working on since then.

Other than that, I wish to practise other mediums than digital art as well, especially the ones that I lately get into the swing of: traditional art pencil portraits and handpainting porcelain. Captivating and addictive!

Are there any projects you’re working on?

A couple of them. The most serious ones are the calendars that I mentioned earlier.
When I firstly got an idea for the calendar, I was aiming at including my art about birds in it, a bit cartoonish and with funny or interesting concepts. Later on, while creating new art pieces to include, I ‘accidentally’ developed my style and for now I’m ending with around ten pieces finished, where the style vary from the one I mentioned to really realistic and colorful, as well as more serious and from a scientific / natularistic point of view. I’m on the crossroads, whether to go with a cartoon style or realistic one, but I think I’ll go with the second one this time. Adding short curiosities about particular species would make a really cool calendar for all bird lovers!

My theme for the second calendar is “365 days of Halloween”. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and it’s really inspiring me! Even if in Poland we don’t celebrate Hallowen much. The art pieces for this calendar are going to include jack-o-laterns and ravens. This one is a lot more ligh-heartedly themed and is aiming for kids, although the art pieces are mostly set up in dark purple, black and shades of orange. So far I created only three pieces for this calendar (I wanted to focus on the first one), but I already have finished most of the all remaining nine art sketches, that are ready to be re-created digitally.

Lastly, even if it’s not my main medium I’m in the middle of doing hand-painted sets of porcelain tablewares. The first one is a set of six porcelain mugs and the other one is a set of two teacups and a sugar bowl. So far the theme I am doing for all my haind painted porcelain is flowers of all kind, but I plan to experiment with the styles and methods of paintings soon. I’m really inspired by the combination of indigo and gold colors!

Why do you want more viewers and what do you feel you have to offer your audience?

I think an audience is an inherent part of being an artist, although there was exception in the history.. It’s just a great thing to share with other people your ideas and mood that is pouring of the artwork. It’s great to inspire poeple and guide them, if they ask to. I’m always willing to share my knowledge and tips if someone ask, and it always makes me feel amazing when someone say ‘You inspire me’ or ‘I want to be as good as you’. It’s a situation where both sides win, either author and the audience.

How often do you update and how serious are you about your art?

It really varies for the digital illustrations. Sometimes I create a few in a row, like every week or so, and sometimes I have a break for three or more weeks… Although I do work on art in general all the time. It’s like a job with no weekends and no holidays – when I have to create someting, or I want to create something, the time and day doesn’t matter.
My HQ, sort to say, is my deviantART profile. I submit every art I do there (excluding traditional art), not only digital illustrations but also art I did for other people and some of the artisian crafts I’m most happy of. Here, I schedule pieces of art to submit them twice or three times a week, and for example at the moment I have pending art that is scheduled till the middle of Febuary.
Other than that, I use Instagram for other mediums, such as traditional art and photography. It’s updated once or twice a week.

How serious I am about my art? You could tell that a lot, after reading about the projects and my golas earlier here. I do really wish to develop it to the stage where I could live out of it, and I’m at a crossroads in my life, not only talking about my art, but also work and education. It took me many years to realize that the thing that I want to do in my life is art, and now it’s really hard to find a good way, a solution for the situation I’m in at the moment.

What are your biggest influences?

I could tell that nature itself, but that’s not quite true. It’s really interesting and quite funny how I develop my art.. I started to paint birds by anccident: I just though that I want to draw smething cool and the topic pop up in my head. After I finished the first one, I though “Wow, I didn’t know I can draw such stuff!”. Birds are really grateful yet exciting topic, that makes you exercise through different styles, textures and color schemes. I sticked to it, because it gives me huge possibilities to try and exercise different things, according to my desire for the particular moment.
One of the things that influence me the most are converastions with other people. Sometimes you can find a great artist that treats you on equals, regardless of your capabilities, medium and any other things. Talking with such people is really inspiring for me, as they are giving tips and guides that I want to try myself. This way I started to paint cuttery, as well as developed traditional portraits to higher stage.


More from Uszaty Arbuz’s ‘Birds’ Projects



And check out Uszaty Arbuz’s ‘365 days of Halloween’ Project:


Uszaty Arbuz on DeviantART

Uszaty Arbuz on Instagram

Uszaty Arbuz on Society 6

Artist Feature [wafflerp]


“[I want] to successfully spread my message…”

Wafflerp is an awesome undiscovered artist from Indonesia who strives to deliver her message. That message is the thoughts and feeling inside the elusive mind of an artist.  In school she chose to go with psychology over art in order to better learn how to get that message across. Some things, she says, are better expressed through art.

She is open for commissions (both digital and traditional) and sometimes accepts charity book projects as well! You can find links to all of wafflerp’s pages at the bottom of the post.



wafflerp on DeviantART

wafflerp on instgram

wafflerp on Youtube

Digital Commissions

Traditional Commissions

Artist Feature [bloody juicy]

bloody juicy

“I’m so serious about art [that] if you [ask] women or art I will chose art”

Bloody Juicy is an anime style artist from Indonesia that focuses on fanart and works primarily digitally. He’s still on the road, but he’s working to be popular enough to make a living off of his art! Bloody Juicy love to draw fanart and wants to share that with the world. His biggest influences come from a combination of Japanese culture and his home Indonesia!

Connect with bloodyjuicy on DeviantART

Commission Info

Here are some samples of his work!



Artist Feature [M-K-1]

Today marks the beginning of my Monthly artist feature! I was going to do them twice a month but I think this would pace better, so here it is!


“I want to spread a smile with my art to as many people as I can.”

M-K-1’s art is a colorful and passionate mix of anime and semi-realism. She’s currently aiming to do more concept art that evokes feeling and emotion and improve on her semi-realism. Her biggest influences are yuumei, sakimichan, kawacy,laverinne, sonnyaws, and many others. M-K-1’s art is her main focus right now so you can bet she’s open for commissions! Here are some samples of her work. :D



M-K-1’s DeviantART

M-K-1’s Commission Info 

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