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August 2016
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Pigeons Are Bullshit Animals Unless They’re White?

When I was a child, I thought doves were magical, pure, and graceful. It wasn’t until I got older that I learned they were just nicer looking pigeons. I think that’s a perfect summary for life. But there’s more about that that bothers me than just how disappointing life turns out to be. I think what really bothers me about it is the way people can paint a picture about something and suddenly the whole world jumps on board with it no matter how little sense it makes. The truth is that pigeons are bullshit animals. Nobody likes pigeons, but if they’re white then they get to be doves and now all of sudden they’re lovely, elegant creatures that symbolize love and all of that good stuff. My thoughts: What the actual hell?

I know this seems like a rant, but let me clear something up. This isn’t about pigeons or how much it sucks to be an adult. The truth is, it’s about prejudice. It’s about how, as a child, I was taught that white is beautiful. Now, its fine if white is beautiful, but that doesn’t make any other color ugly. That’s my issue. How can you like doves and not pigeons? How can you hate pigeons and not doves? They’re the same bird. I’m a person, but when I look at books and films and posters I don’t see that because I don’t see me. I see white.

Another thing I see everywhere is pride for cultures that segregates even further. It’s a wonderful thing to have pride in your culture, but lately it’s as if everyone is only standing next to their own kind. I’m constantly seeing groups of people who look like each other and what I realize when I see it is that I don’t fit into any of them. Then I think about all of the hundreds of thousands of mixed people and I have to think that they either conform to one part of their culture to fit a mold or they just feel lost and alone. Well, it’s true. You are alone. You’re alone because as a world we’re so disunited that we may as well all be standing by ourselves.

The thing that makes me sad about this is that fixing the issue really isn’t that hard. It isn’t hard to hire ethnic people in the media. It isn’t hard to make toys that come in all different shades. It isn’t hard to tell your children that they’re beautiful and expose them to their culture and things that make them feel less out of place. It really isn’t that hard. Tell your children where they come from. Tell them where you come from. Tell them where your friends come from. Show them how different people look all over the world and that we’re all beautiful in our own way. They need to know because there are so many different kinds of birds out there and if their only options are a pigeon and a dove then it’s pretty bullshit to not be white.

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