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April 2016
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“I Like Your Drawing.”

Someone told me once, “I like your drawing.” I don’t remember who it was or even how long ago and I’m positive they weren’t dissecting it the way artists and critics do. But after hearing that someone liked what I did, I wanted to keep going.

I think people underestimate the power of encouragement. I can’t even count the amount of times I wanted to give up art or writing or… living, really. I’m not someone who gets a lot of compliments. I tend to brush people off in favor of creative and far more solo activities. Like any creative person, I strive for the attention of strangers with my art and my stories, posting them constantly in hopes that maybe someone will look at it and think for even a moment that I am something special.

Why do I hope that? Too often I am completely overlooked. The people closest to me hardly glance at anything I do so why would I expect for some random person to? I think that and drive myself into a deep ocean of despair until the pressure is too much and I am crushed.

Then I hear someone in the distance. Someone who has never seen my face or heard my voice. Someone who doesn’t know about my tears or my struggles honestly looks at something I’ve created and decides that it’s good enough. It might be something as simple as, “I like your drawing.” Maybe it doesn’t have any real depth or thought. But they like it and they told me and in that moment I feel like I am worth something.

This all might sound dramatic and a bit egotistical, but when you are all alone and no one bothers to take a look or give you a chance, one anonymous person on the internet could make a huge difference. You have no idea if someone’s on the other end of a picture or a story or a simple post just losing their minds wondering if they’re going to be invisible forever. You have no idea how close someone is to their breaking point or how well they might be hiding it. You have no idea what power an audience has over someone who yearns to be a star.

So if you can, encourage someone. If you see someone trying hard then let them know you see it. If you see someone create, let them know it’s not for nothing. If you like an artists work, tell them so because even if it seems small to you, it could mean the world to someone to hear something as simple as, “I like your drawing.”

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