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Hinamori, KazutoHinamoriKazutoProf


Birthday:   07.30           Blood type:   O

Height:   175cm             Weight:   60kg

Likes:   Digital art, PC games, Patterns, Looking cool, Dirty jokes, Girly-girls

Dislikes:   Being bullied or made fun of, Being rejected, Being alone, Deep people


Kazuto is Koichi’s best friend, probably only because they’ve known each other forever. The two bicker often and don’t have an enormous amount of things in common, but their relationship is comfortable and they both suck at making new friends. Unlike Koichi, Kazuto has no interest in people. He’d rather spend all of his time playing dating sims and watching anime.

Despite how adamant he is about not making new friends, Kazuto is one to put on a show. His vanity keeps him looking his best and acting as if he’s really interested in what you have to say, but he’ll be the first to talk about you behind you back. He knows he’s not really a good person, but honestly… he doesn’t really care.


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