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The Energy 24/6 Revamp is Ready!


It begins! I’ve been talking about this revamp for a while, but it’s finally here! Sorry for those of you who were expecting a comic, but it’ll be written as a series of short books. I’ll be posting pictures with it that will be relative to the story, but not quite comic pages or illustrations so I don’t want to call it a light novel either. The project will proceed as follows.

Starting on Saturday, March 12th, 2016 (PST) I will be posting one chapter a week.

  • Book One: Love, Koichi
    • Book one will be in Izumi Koichi’s point of view. It will begin the story and proceed to explore the relationship that Azusa and Koichi build after he turns her down and his growing obsession with helping her reach her maximum potential.
  • Book Two: Love, Karin
    • Book two will be in the point of view of Minami Karin, a classmate of Izumi’s who feels that if he should have a crush on anyone it should be her. It will explore Izumi and Azusa’s relationship as it continues to develop from a third party view and the conflict that Karin causes them.
  • Book Three: Love, Saya
    • Book three will be in the point of view of Takahashi Saya, a classmate of Azusa who takes serious issue with Azusa’s outlook on life. Though they want to come together for a common goal, their friendship is strained by the complicated relationships forming in their group. It will explore the conflicts that have arisen so far in the story and how Azusa and Izumi plan to move forward into the future.
  • Book Four: Love, Kazuto
    • Book four will be in the point of view of Hinamori Kazuto, Koichi’s best friend who’s opinion about Azusa have been unknown until this point. This book will explore the deeper feelings of everyone and how they will eventually have to separate as high school comes to an end.
  • Book Five: Love, Azusa
    • This final installment will be in Amamiya Azusa’s point of view. It will conclude the group’s final year in high school and tie up any and all loose ends.

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