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February 2016
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Anime Recommendations [Romance]

Another rec list! This time I’m doing romance, which I’m very opinionated about so please don’t whine to me about your favorite not making the list because I’m avoiding giving critiques and I may just tear it apart if I feel strongly enough. lol Anyway here we go!


Lovely Complex

Okay this is BY FAR my favorite romance anime to date. The writing is so awesome and the characters are so memorable and it’s so unique and amazing and AGHAGSJAshKL!!! I could go on forever with what I love about this show from the Kansai Dialect to the unique mood and the excellent balance of drama and comedy. It’s one of the few romances I’ve seen where the girl is taller than the guy and every time you think you’re going to hate a character it somehow manages to make you love them. It’s a pretty old show but it was definitely ahead of its time because it goes over a lot of modern issues in a really cool way that I wouldn’t expect for the time which is awesome! :D Anyone would enjoy this show, I tell you, anyone.


Kimi Ni Todoke

Watch this show when you want something peaceful, cute, and innocent. The main character is so sweet I’m pretty sure I got a majority of my cavities from watching her. The art is beautiful, the characters are beautiful, and it really makes you root for the romance. But the thing I really loved about this show was the emphasis on friendship! It’s so heartwarming and adorable. sometimes a bit slow, but it’s part of the mood. Definitely my second favorite romance of all time. If you like the whole shy girl likes popular boy thing then you’ll love this, but don’t gear up for the popular boy to be a jerk because he’s not and it’s so refreshing. (lol if you’re a fan you’ll understand why that was an amazing pun.)


My Love Story

Another entirely too sweet romance story! xD This show is precious beyond all measure and the premise is so amazing and I’m so sad that it’s unusual! The lead male is no where near the stereotypical hot guy and when I saw the cover for the first time I thought there was no way he’s getting the girl but it would be awesome if he did! >x< And then he did! >w< And I’m so happy!! It’s like diabetes-inducing sweet. I was surprised at how great a friend the hot guy turned out to be and it’s really refreshing in a show with a premise like this that he didn’t turn out to be some jerk, but the cast still feels relatively small to me. Thinking about it it wasn’t an unusually small cast which makes me feel like it probably wasn’t balanced well, but I think that’s fine because its told in the point of view of the male lead in such a way that the focus didn’t really need to be on anyone else.



I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying

This is more of a comedy than anything and the episodes are super short, but it’s surprisingly deep and romantic sometimes. The first episode made me feel like the couple wasn’t going to get along in the beginning but it quickly changed my mind. This couple is amazing and I love that they’re already married so I don’t have to go through all of the hogwash of the “are they, aren’t they?”. It’s funny and cute and great if you don’t really want to invest in anything since the episodes are short and the amount of references is off the charts.


Otome Youkai Zakuro

If you’re looking for something more fantasy/action/adventure then you should check this out. It takes place during the westernization of Japan but youkai are a big part of society. The premise and characters are all really stylized and the art is beautiful. It’s elegant and romantic, but also funny and cute and you get three different romances to gush over! I love this show because it doesn’t shy away from the romance in favor of plot. I find that in a lot of plot heavy or action focused shows (or really just fantasy in general which is a shame :/) they ten to either put romance on the back burner until just about the end or opt out of it altogether. So this is a nice change of pace. And it’s really nice to look at. :3


The World God Only Knows

Get your harem crap out of my face because it has nothing on this show. I can’t even find the words. I might be super bias because Hiro Shimono is my FAVORITE voice actor ever, but Keima Katsuragi is the best male lead in a harem ever to be. This poor nerdy boy who is only interested in 2D girls is forced by an adorable demon to fill a bunch of girls hearts so she can capture the loose souls that like to hide in them. But after the deed is done the girls forget about him. AH! My poor son! But of course he “doesn’t care” because he’s “not interested in 3D girls”. The last season of this show might seem a bit odd if you don’t read the manga because it skips ahead to the best arc instead of going all the way through, but either way the ending is so satisfying and I won’t spoil anything but this show is perfect and I love it. Top 3. Easily.


Tora Dora

Okay so, drama. If you want it go watch this. lol It’s a great show, but it’s REALLY dramatic. The characters are adorable and it gets way more romantic than I thought it would in a super real way that I wasn’t prepared for. The animation is amazing! I noticed that the difference between the manga and the anime is tremendous so you should accept them as two different things, but I think I preferred the anime character design wise. I love the friendships and the side characters and everyone’s struggles so much, but what really got me about this show is how deeply this unlikely pair fall in love. Like Lovely Complex, they start out helping each other get the attention of other people, but unlike Lovely Complex this prospect is not crushed in the first episode. I loved that because I wanted something that delved into that idea more and I feel like Tora Dora does that. :)


Anyway, I’m sure there are more romance anime that I missed so I might make another list later on. I know I left out any shows where the primary focus wasn’t romance so I’m aware that there are a ton more shows with great romances, but this list was more of an instant gratification thing. So there it is! I’ll see you next time!

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