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The Unlikely Humanitarian


Age:   27              Species:   Human

D.O.B.:   01.31              Job:   Pre-K Teacher

Likes:  Kids shows, Sleeping, Doodling, Complaining, Making music, Giving advice

Dislikes: Listening to adults complain, Rich people

Like his sister, Leto has been known to be pretty dramatic, although he’s far more level headed. He generally acts lazy, but takes the time to work out, probably out of vanity than anything else. A contradictory person to the core, Leto doesn’t bother dressing well in favor of comfort. He probably just thinks he hot enough the rock anything.

Leto likes to treat most things as a joke, but he’s very serious about his job. Even though he started out as a music major and was on the road to be a successful musician in college, he changed his mind half way through and majored in child psychology. Even Nox isn’t really sure why the sudden change of mind, but Leto seems happy enough. Some of his friends and family chalk it up to Leto’s quitter mentality but he brushed them off every time.

Even though Leto doesn’t like listening to people complain, he is very sensitive to peoples feelings. He’s more inclined to check up on you and coddle you when you don’t ask for it since, in his opinion, it’s really obnoxious when you do ask for it. He tends to mother people unintentionally which can be really irritating to some.


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