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The Monster That Loves Him


Age:   21              Species:   ???

D.O.B.:   06.13              Job:   Paranormal Investigator

Likes:  Violence, Having fun, Spending money, Getting compliments

Dislikes: Being bored, Wimpy/timid people, Being talked down to

Caedis shows up out of no where one day and imposes herself onto Nox’s “interesting” life. She doesn’t give away any details about her past or her strange powers, but she’s obviously not entirely human. Losing an arm doesn’t seem to faze her as she just sews it back on and she’s somehow able to summon weapons out of nowhere.

Somehow Caedis makes money off of the supernatural occurrences around Nox’s strange town, but she blows through it so fast that she’s always broke.

Caedis is a speak first think later type of person and this lands her in a lot of trouble, but she doesn’t really care what her standing is with people. She doesn’t seem to get along well with others or understand much about bonds, but she never said she wasn’t willing to learn. After all she’s pretty stuck on being Nox’s girlfriend.

She doesn’t seem to have a home and prefers to sleep under the stars, but this causes a lot of issues for Nox since Caedis tends to take her clothes off when she sleeps and that’s generally frowned upon when you’re outdoors.


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