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The Mysterious Guide



Age:   ??              Species:   Sorcerer

Likes:   Explaining things, Kind-hearted people, Children

Dislikes:   Bratty behavior, Feeling helpless

Alfons is a ferryman of Louhi’s trial, much like Charon. His purpose is to help humans through the dangerous world of Tuonela. He tried to be detached and cold, but he’s not very good at it. Even though he seems to get irritated easily, it’s hard to take him seriously when he looks the way that he does, not to mention he has a particularly soft voice.

Alfons does what he can to help Greta, but she turns out to be more rebellious than he expects. What do you do when all you can offer is advice? I suppose you just hope that someone takes it.

Not much is known about Alfons’s past except that he was once a man. It can be safely assumed that, like all sorcerers, he comes from the sea. He often defends Louhi though he also doesn’t seem to outright agree with her. He’s good at giving advice, but he’s definitely not a leader. Alfons seems trustworthy for the most part, but it’s not guaranteed that he’s telling the whole truth.


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