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The Lost Swordsman


Age:   17              Species:   Human

Likes:   Swords, Power, Trust, Agreeable people

Dislikes:   Cheap losses/victories, Prideful people, Feeling guilty, Losing things

Unlike everyone else Hanno has encountered, Paavali doesn’t seem to have any knowledge of magic. In fact, aside from his strangely colored hair, he seems to be entirely human. Because of this he’s underestimated, but that’s a mistake. Paavali is a skilled swordsman who knows the importance of teamwork. Perhaps Hanno could learn a thing or two from him.

He’s generally good-natured with a strong sense of honor, but Paavali doesn’t like putting up with irritating or disagreeable people. He likes things to be simple and stressful situations make him annoyed. Though he can be playful, he finds himself in the position to be serious more often than not.

Paavali doesn’t remember much about how he got where he is, but he knows that he’s chasing someone or something. He seems to be satisfied with the idea that he’ll know what it it when he finds it, but something about Hanno makes him think about whether or not that’s really okay.



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