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Preparing Ghost & Monster Updates!


Experimenting with coloring styles and getting used to drawing these characters again! I’ll be updating my comics again soon after I get some stuff sorted out. Also I’ll be starting a Patreon soon, most likely centered around this story. :D

For those who don’t know, My Ghost & My Monster is a Horror/Comedy/Romance comic I’m working on about a boy named Nox who is literally haunted by the memory of his friend’s suicide. He finds himself on a date one day with a mysterious girl name Caedis who seems to know a thing or too about his unusual circumstances. Its dark and covers a lot of heavy but important topics that are very important to me. It isn’t entirely serious though! It’s got a lot of comedy and it will have action too, but the focus is on character development and romance. I dislike unhealthy relationships in stories so despite the macabre nature of the story I plan to keep it from being “messed up” if you know what I mean.


Even though it’s not that bad in my opinion, I’m compelled to warn you against reading it if you don’t like controversial themes like death, suicide, self harm, and witchcraft. It’s got a very gothic aesthetic too, so if you’re not into that I wouldn’t read it. Also, unlike all of my other stories, it’s got a lot of mature content (not like that kind of mature but there are adult jokes and LOTS of blood).

I want to be able to work on my comics full time and I plan to update weekly, but I need to be able to pay the bills and all that! :P So I thought Patreon would be a good way to do that. Anyway I’ll release more info about that a bit later. For now, enjoy the art and the story!

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