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The Strict Older Brother


Age:   15              Species:   Human

Likes:   Knowledge, Power, Inventing, Experimenting

Dislikes:   Being looked down on, Childish things, Disorder


The protagonist of the novel SongBird, Hanno spends his days trying to impress his very critical father and trying to motivate his very lazy twin sister, Greta. Hanno is a pale, freckled teenager who prizes strength of mind over strength of body which puts him at a disadvantage when he becomes trapped in a magical world that required him to go through great lengths in order to achieve his goals. He wears a seemingly permanent scowl and, according to his sister, has a storm behind his eyes at all times. He’s incredibly ambitious and proud and, though he strives to be a great man, can be rude, controlling, and standoffish. He tends to irritate most people, but Greta knows he means well.

As the story progresses, Hanno travels through the strange world of Tuonela guided by a mysterious shape shifting cat named Charon who calls himself a ferryman. He must learn to accept himself and others as they are and to let go of his outrageous pride. On his way he meets a number of people including a cursed swordsman, a band of gypsies, and an annoyingly spirited archer!


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