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May 2015
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Books, Books, Books!!

With all I’ve been doing this year it’s kind of annoying to me that I’ve made so little updates! I hope you guys know I’ve been working super hard on a lot of projects. Though my main focus has been been SongBird which is going extremely well, I’ve also been working a lot on another book. It’s still in it’s infancy stages, but the working title for my second book will be The Holder of Secrets. I’ll be posting character designs and stuff for it in the future so look out for that! ;)

While I have been completely preoccupied with work and writing I’ve been super neglectful of my art. I’ve barely been drawing at all and I haven’t updated any comics. *sigh* I only have so much time. Unfortunately since SongBird is my priority right now this will probably continue. HOWEVER I am going to try to post sketches and writing prompts at least weekly. I said TRY so… yeah, I’m not making any promises. lol

I’m also super excited about a project I’ve been working on with the amazing artist, Salison, about a time traveling team in training called Minute Trippers! I normally stay away from time travel (or scifi in general when writing) so this was fun to explore! That SAL doesn’t quit! I would’ve dropped this concept as soon as we started getting into multi-verse theory if it wasn’t for her. xDDD

I’ll post the sketches later but here’s the collab we did!! This pic was sketched by SAL and lined and colored by me!! You can click here to see her sketches. She did an AMAZAH coloring job with my sketch, but I won’t post it since I know she wanted to fix some things. So you better post it soon so I can drool over it instead of those dessert drawings, SAL!! >:D

Left: Henrik Wolff (Sal’s character)  Right: Carlin McDowd (You can always tell mine because I love sourpuss characters. lol)


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