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January 2015
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Free Music Club! I’m making an Otome Game!!





That’s right! An Otome game! I’ve been wanting to make one for a long time anf I have several ideas, but this was better than all of them and it’s not even mine! xD Don’t worry, though i have permission to use it. The name is subject to change so don’t judge me. I needed a title so I could make a logo.

I’ve been working at these for a really long time. You guys have no idea. But before I bore you with my projects and procrastination let me tell you how this came about.

So I didn’t actually get to meet my cousins until I was 18 years old. Not that I’m hugely adamant about keeping up with family, but this particularly sucks because when I did meet them I found out that they’re so absolutely AMAZAH!! That means I spent 18 years of my life not knowing that I had this really awesome family! I’m the type to think about all the lost time you know? I could go on and on, really I could, but I need to explain about these characters.

Anyway, one cousin in specific whom I will not name due to privacy reasons slept over at my apartment when she was about 13 and I decided I wanted her to come up with a story! It’s how I have fun with people. Well, she designed five characters starting with Honoka over here who is questing to start a Free Music Club at her high school and ends up FIGHTING EVIL WITH MUSIC!!! I decided this would make an amazing Otome game since it’s a backwards harem and I’m definitely not proficient enough in the magical girl area to make it into a comic. That was a few years ago and recently I told my cousin, who’s in high school now, that I was going to redraw thee characters! I said I would do it months ago… gosh I’m a terrible procrastinator. But in my defense, a lot of that time was spent working on the outfits.

Basically Honoka is gifted with a magic microphone that will transform her into a Magical Girl based on the kind of music played by one of the four boys. These boys include the flirty Hibiki, who prefers Ballads and Classical music. The serious Isamu, who’s passionate about Rock music. The shy introvert, Tadashi, who uses Electronica as an escape. Then, of course, the tenacious and happy-go-lucky Katsuo, who loves Pop Music and dreams of being a famous producer! This is probably going to end up being a very long term project since I’m not very proficient at using RenPy or making midi, but writing the songs and drawing the art won’t be a problem. If anyone wants to help me out I might turn it into a big project! Who knows!! xP Anyway these are the four boys. Like I said, I’m not really great at magical girl, but I figured it’s a genre I can go super over the top with, right? Well that’s what I did, so the following pictures will be the boys profiles and show what Honoka transforms into when she sings with them.

Hibiki IsamuTadashiKatsuo

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