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November 2014
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My SAO Feels Are Killing Me!!


I HAD to draw some fanart because the latest episode of Sword Art Online just killed me! It also restored my love for the series just when I was starting to wonder why I loved it as much as I did. AND NOW I REMEMBER IT WAS BECAUSE KIRITO AND ASUNA ARE THE ULTIMATE SHIP!!! I remember being so shocked that they actually got together when I first saw it since that kind of thing doesn’t often happen in a shounen and never so blatantly. But it’s not just that I was surprised. I really wanted them to be together!! Asuna is such a strong female lead and even though we lost that there for a while, I’m really loving the way they’re bringing it back in this new season!

Not gonna lie, when I saw the way the opening was solely focused on this new team I did a double take. Like, “Wait! What?! Where’s Kirito and everybody else?!?!” Not that I don’t love a little solo Asuna action. But the way Kirito showed up at the end was so perfect. Sometimes he can be so aloof and while Asuna’s going through this rough patch I was waiting for him to show up and valiantly offer his shoulder to cry on, but then I remembered that Asuna is the stronger of the two. She’s always been his rock and I’m seeing it again here despite him being the one to show up and save the day.

I love that part in “Zekken” when Asuna gets serious and deals a blow that sends a gust that makes everyone flinch but Kirito! This part is so perfect to me because it wasn’t just to show how cool he is, it was to show how much faith he has in Asuna. He knows she’s powerful and he was prepared for something like that. That’s why he didn’t flinch. He had already braced himself for that. Then he didn’t hound her as she went off and did her own thing because, not only does he do that kind of stuff all the time, but he knew she’d be able to handle herself. Despite this, we know Kirito could never leave Asuna alone. He had to be one step behind her so that if a moment like this happened and he needed to step in and take care of the little guys so that Asuna could do her thing, he was right there. That is why this couple is so epic. This is the kind of love that feels real to me and that’s why I’m such a sticker about romance stories in anime. It can be done right so I shouldn’t have to settle.

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