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October 2014
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Rejoice Apritello Shippers!

Season 3 Episode 2 was super weird all the way up to the end. Honestly, so far season 3 has seemed kind of strange to me, but I think it’s just the new setting. Everyone’s out of there element and as a story teller you’d have to be crazy to not take advantage of all the suspense thriller genre opportunities that come with a creaky old farm house in the middle of the woods. Of course, as a Leo fangirl, I’ve been hit pretty hard by the new developments and I’m definitely feeling the need for about 300% more Leo in these new episodes. Despite that I’m actually enjoying Seth Green’s voice! I think it sounds like a more grated and slightly more pubescent Jason Biggs. Which is cool because he is still a teenager after all. But that’s not what I came here to talk about. Obviously the ending of today’s episode threw me for a loop. Donnie said it best guys. “I understand nothing.” I really don’t, but you know what? I don’t even care because I’m so happy with this!

A while back Nickelodeon released a statement that said something along the lines of “That’s not gonna happen because it’d be weird for the kids”, which was super sad because I’m totes on board the Apritello ship. Not only that but it shouldn’t have had to happen in the first place. Shippers just get so crazy they have to go and write out their emotions and send it to companies? Like, really guys? Calm your shit. We already know Rob Paulsen and Mae Whitman both ship it. Just be patient. That’s what thought, but to be honest I had resigned myself to this never happening.

I mean there were so many times when she blew him off, even though he’s SUPER obvious and don’t even get me started on the Capril shippers. I’ve heard so many reasons why they shouldn’t be together. Everything from bestiality to Donnie’s a stalker which I strongly disagree with because look how mature he was to see how April must’ve felt and go apologize to her! Capril may have been cannon in some universes, but in this one all I can say is that Donnie clearly cares more about April than Casey does and on a much deeper level.

So back to the Nick thing. We the shippers can justify our OTP as much as we want, but with a statement from the company things look pretty dismal. However in the Nick forum there’s a question asking who people think April should end up with and it was mostly the kids who said that Donnie was better for her. Congrats, today’s youth, you’ve got some good heads on your shoulders. The reasons were all things like, “he’s much nicer” or “He’s super sweet, he obviously cares about her” which just warms my heart because I’m tired of seeing the bad boy get the girls instead of the sweet, smart, caring guy. I’m wondering if maybe this was part of the reason they changed their mind?

To be honest I expected the crush to remain a running gag simply for comedic purposes. I would’ve been fine if it didn’t happen since I wasn’t expecting it too. After all, I always have Tumblr. But since April is the one who initiated the kiss and IT WAS ON THE LIPS they just can’t disappoint us now!! I’m starting to get the feeling that April realized that Donnie might get over her if she let that moment pass and she wasn’t okay with that. I mean, she always tells Casey “no”, but when it comes to Donnie, she never really says anything. IDK GUYS. I was so sure she didn’t like him back, but then THAT happened and my conclusion is that I really understand nothing. Don’t worry, Donnie. I feel the same way.


You wait! Pretty soon it’s gonna be all casual couple Donnie and April just standing there like “What? We’re not being different!” But they’re all intimate and shit… Of course I have art for that.


Lol I had to. This was drawn by the AMAZING Mayne Hamilton who, no matter how much I urge her, doesn’t really like to post art online. Mostly because she only sketches on paper. She drew a bunch of TMNT stuff. I’m gonna jack it and upload her sketches or do more collabs like this and color them. She does a lot of Apritello and she also does a bunch of Leorai for me since that’s my OTP!! >w< More later. Bye for now guys! I have a bunch of commissions I stopped for this!! Dx>

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