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October 2014
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3DS System Update!! Excited or Not?

3dsthemesIf you guys don’t already know then I’ll tell you now that the two things I love most in this world are customization and my 3DS. So you can imagine my elation when I powered on tonight and received the new system update. If you don’t already know, Nintendo has added a new feature to the home menu. Yes, of course, the long awaited theme option! I took some pictures of a few of the free ones just to show you. The update comes with five basic colors: Black, Pink, Red, Blue, and Yellow. The rest are gonna cost you which I think is complete bullshit. However aside from the themes I did notice some very subtle interface edits. Nothing big, but certain icons and images look crisper in a way that makes my 3DS feel almost new again. Now starts the negatives.

To be honest, guys I feel like this is one big cash cow. Just another way for Nintendo to make money off of us. You gotta at least admire their business sense. Since it is a new feature there aren’t too many themes available. The selection is limited to a couple of patterns and some popular character themes (Pretty much just Mario and Zelda stuff) and to be blunt, I don’t really like them, but that’s just me. I feel like the patterns make the screen look cluttered and I didn’t take that good a look at the character themes because, as much as I love Mario and Zelda, I don’t really want the thrown together products they have available right now and I certainly don’t want to pay for them.

The other thing that made me feel a bit tossed to the side is that apparently Japan is getting, not just a system update, but an ENTIRELY NEW CONSOLE. Like, what? A new and improved 3DS?! And I was so sure my 3DS was as perfect as a handheld could get! Well, it seems like a US release date for these is yet to be announced, but I guess that’s to be expected. At least by the time they start selling overseas they’ll have worked out any issues. Start saving guys, I hear this thing runs faster and smoother! That’d be great since I’m pretty sure my R button doesn’t work anymore. It’s okay, baby, mama still loves you… Um… Not you,, my 3DS… Awkward…

All in all I’m not impressed, but I do get a sweet sense of satisfaction when I click on my pink tinted icons. The concept is cool and I’m sure Nintendo will come out with some super awesome themes in the future to make me change my mind. The fact that you have to pay for everything really bothers me though and to be perfectly honest, I probably won’t be really excited about this until someone figures out how to make custom themes. I always find that the coolest stuff comes from indie designers instead of companies. Plus I’d love to put my own characters on my 3DS. That would just make me feel so at home!


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