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September 2014
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100 Things to Write About


I think I’m so obsessed with art that sometimes I forget how beautiful words can be without picture to go with them. I get such OCD about certain things and I’m determined to break out of old habits. There are two things I’ve been meaning to do! One is to update this website more as a blog and not just my stories and the other is to practice writing!

I’m sure if you write and seek out ways to be better you’ve seen this list of write prompts, but I found some of the topics to be damn near impossible for me since they require specific experiences that I don’t have. I think this is probably the case for others as well so I modified it just a little. Anyway here are 100 write prompts. I’ll be taking this challenge and I recommend it to anyone you wants to practice or even just see how versatile you can be! :)

1. Why I love midnight
2. My favorite time to write
3. The last musical I saw
4. What it is about being the oldest child
5. Fresh air
6. What I learned from my favorite teachers
7. Fresh fruit
8. Why I don’t write pulp fiction
9. Everything I know about State Fairs
10. What I find unforgettable
11. What I find unforgivable
12. The day I learned to drive
13. Who taught me to drive and why
14. Classes I loved
15. Classes I hated
16. The first time I thought I might like to write
17. Favorite places to write as a child
18. Where I used to hide out
19. Big families
20. What was I like in junior high
21. My first crush
22. Playing outside
23. Bottle rockets
24. The best intentions
25. Why loss is forever
26. Why no one wants to accept that loss is forever
27. Life after healing
28. States I’ve lived in
29. My favorite coastal town
30. My favorite coast
31. The first time I flew
32. The last time I flew
33. The nature of spring
34. Driving country roads
35. Summer in the city
36. Drawing to words
37. People I know of who came from Texas
38. Ways to identify your suitcase on the luggage carousel
39. Music through generations
40. Favorite places to visit
50. My favorite vacation
51. The year I turned 21
52. Old address books
53. Where to find memories
54. Where to lose memories
55. The last time I was at the ocean
56. Hurting someone’s feelings on accident
57. The last time I played hide and seek
58. People who have forgotten me
59. People who have remembered me
60. People I’ll never forget
61. People I wish I could forget
62. The last time I ironed
63. What I know about spray starch
64. Forgive and forget
65. The last time I played chess
66. Walking in the park at night
67. French fries and milk shakes
68. Where I go for a good hamburger
69. The last ride to the airport
70. Old hangouts
71. The first time I learned to ride a bike
72. The first time I roller skated
73. My favorite bike
74. What I hate about vehicles
75. What I remember about nursery rhymes
76. What scares me
77. What makes me stronger
78. My favorite snacks
79. Frozen yogurt
80. When I buy toothpaste I
81. Makeup counters
82. My favorite color lipstick
83. What I know about Crackerjacks
84. Towns I’d like to forget
85. The last roller coaster ride
86. Last time I took the bus
87. Folding chairs
88. Picnics I remember
89. Relating to my Dad’s generation
90. Relating to my Grandpa’s generation
91. Rose bushes
92. Gardens and gates
93. What I love about travelling
94. What I hate about travelling
95. Last time I tasted buttermilk
96. Slow boats and fast trains
97. Horse names
98. Stone fences
99. When I get angry
100. What’s best for you

Ugh! I don’t even know how I”m awake right now, so I’ll be going to sleep now and getting on this after work on Friday. Bye, guys!

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