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November 2013
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Conversations with Grampa


I was talking to my Grampa the other day and brought up the book I was writing. It’s my dream to be a best selling author, you see, and now that I’ve gotten pretty far in the book I’m writing it finally seems reachable. Well when I talk to my Grampa I end up talking about the most intelligent and philosophical things. He’s such a smart man and at 87 years old, he’s still very healthy from walking everyday and keeping his mind sharpened by reading and studying. I mean, he studies ancient Greek and physics recreationally. I wish I had the patience for that. So, anyway, when we talk I end up talking about all of those things along with other things we have in common like a love for the 40s and 50s that we usually exercise by watching and talking about old musicals. You know, Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, Bing Crosby, Mitzi Gaynor? Not trying to name drop or anything, just mentioning some of my favorites. Hahaha.

Well, one day we were talking about the HUGE difference between that era of America and this one because Grampa brought up this one time when I said, “Grampa! You come from a different world!”. He gets a kick out of that. Haha. Some teenagers today, sadly, can’t relate at all to those movies. They can’t even put themselves outside of their own shoes for a moment to understand the difference in mindset. It’s part of the ignorance and more so the apathy of today’s America. Not saying we’re all bad and everything should go back to the way it was before. Obviously there are pros and cons to everything, but there are a lot of problems with people and the way they function and I have a theory about it. I think it all started in the 60s with the hippies and the drug abuse. Obviously there’s always been things like this, but not on such a large scale. People were irresponsible and didn’t know how to pay attention or properly raise their children, yet they had a bunch anyway. These apathetic parents raised apathetic children and it goes in in a downward spiral creating feelings of anger, abandonment, apathy, neglect, and other things in the children of today. This, of course, will continue to spiral unless everyone decides to change, which isn’t going to happen. Naturally I’m only referring to the large mass of people who ARE like this, but I am aware that many families aren’t.

Anyway, Grampa agrees with my theory and after hearing it he gave me a really awesome suggestion. Write a book called “Conversations with Grampa” about the conversations we have and the thoughts they provoke. I would’ve been a bit skeptical, as I consider myself to be a fiction writer, but I have a lot to say about these sorts of things, you see. Either way I think it’ll be cool to write a book that’s more like essays. I’m a huge fan of David Sedaris, so I’ll consider it a tribute to both him and my Grampa, who I admire so much.

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